Announcement: River's Rest - Two New Shops

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Category: Events
Subject: Enter the Refugees - River's Rest Introduces Two New Shops
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 2022/12/10

Lady Kynsella was joined by Omiko and Ivybell to introduce two new shops. Ivybell and her wife, Merryvine, are running The Mist and Shore Bakery. Doryn and Cori have opened Trident's Voyage. Rescued during the sinking of Caligos Isle, these refugees have been working with Lady Kynsella and the shopkeepers of River's Rest to renovate two buildings near the Captain's Quarters. These are now open!

The Mist and Shore carries several cooking staples, and you may need to get on the shopkeepers' good side to see everything they have to offer. Trident's Voyage has hand-carved utensils and several lovely food offerings. They all hope the townsfolk and its adventuring population enjoy these new wares as they settle into their new lives in River's Rest.

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Two new shops have opened in River's Rest near the Captain's Quarters.