Announcement: Rumor Woods: Raikhen Updates!

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Category: General
Subject: Announcement: Rumor Woods: Raikhen Updates
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 2023/06/11

Rumor Woods: Raikhen Updates!

The amount of raikhen is going up! From now until June 15th, log in to each character that is holding raikhen and type TICKET CONVERT to update your raikhen totals by over 2x!

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Rewards at Rumor Woods have also been adjusted to average out to roughly 300 raikhen per entry! This is up from the average of just under 150. With plenty of new and updated inventory, it’s a perfect time to shop for the perfect items, mounts, character customizations, and more!

Rumor Woods starts June 16th at 9pm ET! See you then!


Log in today, type TICKET CONVERT, and get your raikhen updated to the new value. You have until June 16th.