Announcement: Solhaven-Vornavis Walls

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Category: Prime
Subject: The Solhaven-Vornavis Wall
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 1/31/2023

As of last night, the gates to Vornavis work both ways. There are certain criteria that you have to meet to be allowed through, but anyone with that criteria can lead anyone without it through without any kind of fuss or muss.
In order to enter the gates, you must have one of the following circumstances:
Prename Title of Magister
Postname Title of Honored Ally of Solhaven
Postname Title of Hospitalier of the Order of the Swan
Postname Title of Protector of Solhaven
Postname Title of Knight-Errant of Vornavis
Postname Title of Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Postname Title of Knight of the Empire
Postname Title Knight-Errant
Postname Title of Knight Errant
Postname Title of Knight Banneret
Be a Citizen of Solhaven
Have a Culture of Solhaven (Human or Half-Elven)

Once inside the walls, you will find Dondraek Lane, which gets its name from an old Dwarven craftsman.
Off of Dondraek Lane is Outer Bailey Avenue, which houses a home, the orphanage, an alley that leads to the Festival of the Dying Light (Slated for December 2026), and the portcullis to Vornavis Keep. During Court Sessions and Special Occasions, the keep itself will be open to the public.
At Vespertine Gates, you can see the construction of the Mage Hall (Wizard’s Guild) that is in progress.

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The Gates of Vornavis (now numbering 5) are open to the public. Read post for details.