Announcement: Solhaven Update - Aulidie's Pottery

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Category: General
Subject: Inventory Update for Aulidie's Pottery in Solhaven
Author: GS4-Lydil
Date: 2022/12/09

Aulidie's Pottery has been updated in all instances to have a new and improved inventory. This update brings about a number of changes to how the shop works and the offerings available. Before the inventory had each option of material and object listed, resulting in forty items listed in the inventory. The new method makes use of the customization system, so only thirteen objects are now listed (up from the ten objects previously). In the customization, you must choose a material, with seven choices now available (up from the four previously). Additionally, there is the option to select a color for your item, with thirty different colors to choose from.

Original Materials: Ceramic, Porcelain, Clay, Glass
New Materials: Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta

Original Objects: Bottle, Flask, Pot, Mug, Cup, Bowl, Jug, Vase, Mask, Medallion
New Objects: Plate, Figurine, Statuette

Finally, the items will now work properly with the food system. The bottles, bowls, cups, flasks, jugs, mugs, pots, and vases will hold liquids, while the plate will be able to hold food items.

For those unfamiliar with this shop, look for the blue-stained modwir building in South Market East.


The pottery shop in South Haven has received an update.