Announcement: Stone Eye Bar Update

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Category: General
Subject: River's Rest - The Stone Eye Bar Drink Updates
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 2023/01/01

The Stone Eye Bar in River's Rest has had its drinks updated to the "new" food system, meaning its drinks will now all have taste messaging! Overall, not much has changed, but a few items had to be slightly tweaked to fit modern standards and/or typos. Byron also got some extra messaging and Q&As. Bottoms up!

The Top of the Eye and the alKhalili Coffeeshop are in process. These take awhile because everything has to be rebuilt from scratch AND they are an a much older shopping system, so I am updating all those to modern shopping systems as we go also.

{You can ask the bartender about GARGOYLE, MENU, TOWN, WINTERBERRY}

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Updated drinks in the Stone Eye Bar in River's Rest!