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Category: General
Subject: Stormpeak
Date: 2023-12-16

Rodverg, Clan Leader of Zul Logoth, took a group into the ancient ruins of Li'aerion to find the source of the torrential rains besieging the town. After discovering a pack of water hounds, the group met with Mistress Phrys, a woman who told them a legend about lightning-worshipping titans who dwelled in the highest peaks of the Dragonspine. After discovering the source of the hounds, the brave adventurers ascended to the crown of the Stormpeak to discover a titan encampment dedicated to the elemental Veiki.

OOC Note: The new hunting ground called Stormpeak has been released in Zul Logoth.

Creatures Include:

Wind Witches (Level 16)
Thunder Trolls (Level 18)
Water Hounds (Level 24)
Vapor Hounds (Level 24)
Storm Hounds (Level 24)
Swirling Spectres (Level 37)
Storm Giants (Level 39)
Storm Griffins (Level 73)
Krag Dwellers (Level 72)
Lightning Fiends (Level 79)
Titan Stormcallers (Level 83)
Tempest Tyrants (Level 85)
and Veiki Heralds (Level 81)

New Area Details:

Creatures: Oscuro & Auchand

Room Painting: Haliste & Reidyn

Gemstones: Galene

Storyline/Release Event: Netz, Marstreforn, Auchand, Thandiwe, Valyrka

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New Hunting Ground in Zul Logoth