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Category: General
Subject: A Series of Global Vignettes and Purchasing/Selling Price Changes
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 1/31/2023

The Power of Currency (A Series of Global Vignettes)

[Vignette - River's Rest] Kynsella Meets With the Merchants

Kynsella settled into the large comfortable chair in the parlor of her suite at the inn. A consortium of merchants gathered around her, enjoying the food and drink she had supplied. Once everyone had been served and all important socializing completed, Kynsella cleared her throat and began to speak.

"I know I represent a lot of what this town aims to avoid," she began, smiling wryly at the group in front of her, "But I hope on this, we can strike an agreement. I come less as a representative of Torre and more of an "egalitarian force of nature," as my cousin called me."

Everyone laughed at that, and she smiled. She went on to explain her goal - to ensure the general welcoming nature of River's Rest be reflected across all its shops and services. Fortunately, little had to be said. The group all seemed in agreement. More wine was opened, and, with business concluded, merriment took over.

Several cups later, someone asked if the flinger could be aimed to just throw customers straight into his shop, and Diamante asked Kynsella if there as anything she could do about the dust. Ser Winterberry Flingercat took that moment to slide across the table and sneeze several times, breaking up the gathering into gales of laughter.

A few hours later, alone in her suite, Kynsella smiled happily to herself.

[Vignette - Solhaven] By Pen and By Seal

Odelgarde stood beside Salnim near the entrance to the armory. It was difficult for her to read his expression as everyone seemed to be blanketed by a sadness that she was desperately trying not to feel herself. She had been working hard with the healer she liked to refer to as Nurse Wretched – on account of the woman always being so miserable – and the Baron was showing improvement. Slowly.

Before them, the Merchantile Guild sat at the table with Athalia, finishing the weeks of negotiating and discussions that they had started with Baron Dunrith. She had been watching the other woman through the proceedings and though she could see that Athalia was tired, she could see the strength in her, too.

She had been surprised, in fact, when the siblings had discussed the venture and when Salnim had suggested she see it through despite him being home. He wouldn't say it out loud, but she sensed that he was proud of Athalia. Ending Chaston’s Edict was important to both of them and this final thing, this last piece proved it would work and that many had accepted it. One by one the merchants penned their names to the parchment, added their seals, shook hands, and departed with a smile.

When only Athalia sat at the table, looking at her handy work, Salnim moved to stand behind her. Tilting her head back, she looked up at him with eyes bruised from worry and too little sleep but a smile that radiated with pride. Leaning over, he kissed her on the forehead.

"Well done, Athalia. Well done."

[Vignette - Landing] One Landing, One Price Policy

The Darkstone Bay Consortium within Wehnimer's Landing is proud to finally announce that effective immediately, all merchant shops operating within the town limits must adhere to the new One Landing One Price policy. In a statement this afternoon, Amos the leader of the Consortium had this to say, "Years ago, Mayor Lylia during her term campaigned on a promise of pushing for an initiative named One Landing One Price, in which all merchants of town must trade fairly within their shops, and that pricing would be standard from every human, to gnome, to giant and dark elf and beyond. It was met with silence. Time would pass, and Councilman Pukk would also raise the banner of economic fairness, but still many merchants turned away and ignored not only the voices of leaders, but of the people. That is why, now with the full backing of the Consortium, the Mayor, and the Town Council, the new One Landing One Price law has been established to bring true economic justice across all races within Wehnimer's Landing. Our town is safe, and our town is free because of the efforts of countless heroes. It is time our policies and actions are changed to reflect our appreciation for every sword and every spell risen in our defense."

[Vignette - Icemule Trace] This just in!

A short, towheaded halfling boy sprints out of Clovertooth Hall with a triumphant grin on his face. Breathless with excitement, he spreads the word of a recent development from the Mayor's office:

"The way I hear it is that Mayor Dabbings has issued an immediate referendum enforcing fair trade in all shops across the town. He said that there was too much ill will going on, but I'd wager that's only the official reason. Truth is, with the Vaalor squeezing us out of trade in Briarmoon, Icemule Trace needs every silver it can bring in! He brought representatives from across the Commerce Burrow in to tell them about it. A few folks didn't much like the idea of losing out on their profits, especially Walesca Wineberry. She got a look on her face like you might after eating a lemon drenched in pepper oil! And she said that we SHOULD be charging elves more, given that they're why things are so tight lately. But Mayor Dabbings shushed her with a single glance, and she got even redder and more sour-looking! He even said that he'd send the Marshal after any shopkeeps found charging people higher prices on account of their lineage. And then his secretary caught me hiding in the corner sourcing this story, and she chased me out with a broom."

At that moment, a woman's sharp call provokes a yelp of panic from the boy. "You know," he says, "Being a reporter would be a lot easier if I didn't still live at home. This is tyranny over the press!" His proud protestations aside, the boy rushes off to placate his mother.

[Vignette - Teras Isle] Borthuum Barter

In a swiftly dispersed letter from officials within the Borthuum Clan, word has spread of their desire to increase trade with all members of the populace and the resulting "Borthuum Barter" rule when conducting business within Kharam-Dzu. The most vocal of these was Garntek of the company's Clerical Supply, who was seen ripping up a scroll and tossing it under the counter before grumbling about the weather. Garntek was clearly overheard after a loud yawn, "I've got the best goods on the isle. No need to gouge folks for their coins when I can just sell them more candles. Don't accept nuttin less than the best." Other merchants inside The Company Store appeared just as receptive to the news.

[Vignette - Zul Logoth] When Ye Cheat The Customers, Ye Cheat Yerself.

In an effort spearheaded by Clan Leader Rodverg of Zul Logoth to keep the dwarven clans competitive in world trade the leaders of the other clans have all agreed to even out pricing for all customers throughout all the dwarven settlements. At the meeting in the Hall of Clans in Zul Logoth where the agreement was recently ratified, Rodverg explained it to the other leaders this way, "When ya cheat the customer ya cheat yerself cause they're gonna find somewhere else to spend their silvers. Turnin away good silvers is bad for business. The clans need ta stick together an stay competitive if we all want ta thrive in this world!"

[Vignette - Cysaegir] Whispered on Wings

Official word comes from multiple citizens of Cysaegir that shop prices are being neutralized in support of the recent surge of refugees. The influx of fresh faces traveling into the quaint township has kept shop owners busier than ever, and the focus has shifted away from appealing to regulars and instead to providing a wider assortment of supplies and goods for the changing customer base. With the economic benefits of more diverse commerce, many improvements are being seen in the fortification of long-standing businesses, and there is a noticable push toward more inclusivity in future town expansions. It seems the whole area is experiencing a revitalization that promises to build a stronger sense of community and fellowship for the established populace and new visitors, alike.

[Vignette - Ta'Illistim] Pour a Glass to Your Health

Walking into the tavern of the Shimmarglin Inn, a tall elven woman gazes about before taking a seat at a table in the corner. Joining the the woman, Uthaesdir smiles and pulls up a chair.

"How are you this evening Nizara? What's the news?" The barkeep nods to a girl behind the counter who brings them a bottle of wine, opening it before leaving it on the table.

"The news?" she responds. "My establishment is flourishing. Our decision to open the doors to all after the Valley of Gold was a prosperous one," she glances about the full bar, "Wouldn't you agree?"

"I think it's more than just our businesses that are doing well. I heard that the Argent Mirror has asked other enterprises in the city to bring down the high mark-ups on their goods for outsiders, encourage more trade inside the walls."

"The idea has merit from a business point of view," Nizara says, her mind lost for a moment in thought. "I suppose time will tell. Now pour us a glass so we can toast to our own health and success."

[Vignette - Ta'Vaalor] Whose Idea Was This?

Papers flew everywhere, causing the exasperated clerk to glare about, trying to figure out who and what to blame. He froze at the sight of the lady dressed in black.

"I'm so terribly sorry!" she exclaimed as she bent to help him pick up the lost papers. Her lips curved, but he was a touch too busy staring at her other curves to notice the smirk.

Noisily shuffling the papers, the woman stood slowly from her bent position and handled the clerk the pile.

"I think the king is waiting for these," she said with a chuckle.

Sometime later...

"Is this the last of them?"

"Yes, my Sovereign."

"Whose idea was this for the flat rate among all?"

Blinking, the clerk lifted the paper from the table and read it over. He proceeded to stammer as he stared at the King of Ta'Vaalor, wondering how he was going to explain that he'd been distracted by a pretty woman in the hall and had never seen the paper before in his life.

"It's a good idea," Qalinor said, taking the parchment back and putting pen to ink. "I was just a soldier before all this, it isn't as if I don't understand the plight of the people. And with the tensions right now, it shows a gentle touch."

Nodding, the clerk just stared as King Qalinor signed the papers.

[OOC Announcement] - Change in Purchasing and Selling Power

We are excited to announce a change in Racial Biases for both selling and purchasing within towns. There is a new chart (listed below), but the breakdown is as follows:

All racial penalties within towns are removed.
Specific races in specific towns will get either a 5% discount or a 5% boost only.
This change does not take into account trading or influence, only racial bias.
If you find a store is still off, please bug it as it may be a unique case that was missed by the global update

Location Human Elf Dwarf Giantman Halfling Half-Elf Dark Elf Sylvan Burghal Gnome Forest Gnome Half-Krolvin Erithi Aelotoi
Wehnimer's Landing 0 0 0 +-5% +-5% +-5% +-5% 0 0 +-5% 0 0 0
Icemule Trace 0 0 0 0 +-5% 0 0 +-5% 0 0 +-5% 0 0
Solhaven +-5% 0 0 0 0 +-5% 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
River's Rest +-5% 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 +-5% 0 0
Ta'Vaalor 0 +-5% 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ta'Illistim 0 +-5% 0 0 0 0 0 +-5% +-5% 0 0 +-5% +-5%
Cysaegir 0 0 0 0 0 0 +-5% 0 0 +-5% 0 +-5% +-5%
Teras Isle 0 0 +-5% +-5% 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Zul Logoth 0 0 +-5% 0 0 0 0 0 +-5% 0 0 0 0
Mist Harbor 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kraken's Fall 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Special Thanks to the following GMS for making this happen:
Auchand, Casil, Estild, Galene, Isten, Kenstrom, Marstreforn, Naos, Netz, Tivvy, Valyrka, Wyrom, Xynwen


Global Change in Prices for Selling and Buying