Announcement: Updated Flora Terms

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Category: General
Subject: Announcement: Updated Flora Terms
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 2023/02/09

The wiki is in the process of being updated with some new flora terms for older items (or with some new tidbits of information behind existing terms). Unless otherwise noted, these older terms are no longer able to be used. Like ICE-related items, these will have to be changed if handed to a GM.

Quick Summary
Bladderwrack: See also Gallowrant now
Deadly milk-white trumpet: Zelian trumpet
Delphinuris: Delphira
Dreamdeath, Dreamer, Dreamer Lichen: Night's comfort
Dreamvine: Dreambane
Salorisa: Saloryss
Sirenflower: Sirensong
Smastan: Adding some new flora info about it
Spinewood: Bramblespine

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Updated flora terms!