Announcement: Welcome to the Kraken Communal!

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Category: Prime
Subject: New Roleplay Area in Kraken's Fall: The Kraken Communal
Date: 2024-01-12

The crew of the Merry Mayhem* invite both citizens and visitors to the Kraken Communal!

Every Day of the Huntress (Friday) to Restday (Sunday), the crew will open up the bamboo-framed vert sailcloth pavilion, located at Nereid's Cradle, Beach (u1917018) in tropical Kraken's Fall. Here, everyone can gather around, enjoy drinks, and a decadent spread of food lovingly cooked by Tengiz and Meltem, all in the comfort of the spacious pavilion.

From our pirate family to yours, we hope you enjoy spending time with faces both new and old.

  • Crew name subject to change at any time. Especially when they change the name to the Chubby Capybara.


The Kraken Communal has opened at Nereid's Cradle, Beach (u1917018). It'll open every Day of the Huntress (Friday) and close at the end of Restday (Sunday). All are invited!