Anzil's Artifacts/Wall hangings

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Anzil's Artifacts/Wall hangings is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the Courtyard Furniture Emporium through the elaborate cast-iron gate in Courtyard East. It also sells floor coverings.

[Anzil's Artifacts]
A slightly musty smell fills the shop, hinting at the great age of the goods here. The curtains are all drawn and the room is dimly lit by candles, to better protect the delicate antiques and rugs from the ravages of sunlight and the fading it would cause. You also see Anzil.


      Price  Item
3.)   21000  a carved ivory horn
4.)   17000  a stylized terra cotta sun
5.)   17000  a stylized terra cotta moon
6.)   60000  a pastel tapestry wall hanging
7.)   23000  a shadow box display of knots
9.)   30000  an old ship's wheel
10.)  18500  a pressed wildflower bouquet