Aonghus MacGreghor

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Aonghus was an officer of Rising Phoenix and founded House Daingneach Onoir. He was also an original member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. He was killed sometime in 5097 or thereabouts.

Behind the Scenes

Aonghus MacGreghor the Giantman Warrior.
He appears to be in his 50's, has unkempt, long black hair, dark eyes, and black skin.
He has a tattooed symbol of Ronan on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a gold ring, a kiramon chitin half plate, a simple gold torque, a brushed silver filigree brooch, a silver-edged midnight black greatcloak, some polished silver-toed boots, a lustrous onyx Ronan symbol, a black vultite helm, some laminated rolaren gauntlets, a bracelet of braided hair, a mithril alloy mesh kilt emblazoned with the image of a silver-edged blackened sword on a field of black, a tiny claidhmore pin, a pine shoulder badge decorated with a crowned lion's head, a sapphire inset golden brooch, a sapphire encrusted gold clasp, a veniom threaded backpack, a glittering golden vest, a silver brooch in the shape of a thistle, a weapons harness, an ivory and ruby buckle, a sapphire armband trimmed on the edges with tiny lines of onyx and bearing three tiny diamond chips, a deep red glaes spider charm, some ora strip leg guards, a heavy black back sheath, a sheepskin sporran, a tartan pouch held in place with a cat's eye clasp, a large sack, a reinforced vultite targe, a prancing pegasus pin, a imflass metal aventail, a sprig of heather blossoms, and a gold ring.