Archaic urglaes reliquary

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An archaic urglaes reliquary allows a character to teleport cross-realm to a preset location once every 28 days. It was first featured in the fourth #PlayApartTogether GIFTBOX between May 20 and June 9, 2020. According to the GIFTBOX messaging, "The reliquary is a magical artifact from the Rift." The reliquary is account-bound, and thus may be used only by characters on the same account.

Base Item


This is one of the 2020 #PlayApartTogether GIFTBOX items that was offered for a limited time.  It cannot be altered in any way.

The reliquary does not belong to you.

The reliquary has the following verbs:

  OPEN MY reliquary           - Capture the room as a memory.
  RUB MY reliquary            - Teleport to your memory room.  Can be used once every 28 days.
                                Requires spirit to recharge.  Amount of spirit depends on gem value
                                that you use to infuse with.  The more expensive the gem, the better.
                                Works cross-realm.  Teleportation must be permitted in both areas to work.
  INFUSE MY reliquary         - Infuse a single spirit while holding a gem.  A Rift gem worth at least
                                5120 silver will allow you to reset the anchored location.
  LISTEN MY reliquary         - Gives its hunger level, number of times used for teleportation, and last time
                                used used for teleportation.
                                A sated or gorged shadow is fulled charged.
  LOOK IN/SHOW MY reliquary   - See or show your captured memory.
  LORESONG                    - The story of the reliquary.


Verb First Third
INFUSE First Person View Third Person View
LISTEN First Person View Third Person View
LOOK First Person View Third Person View
OPEN First Person View Third Person View
RUB First Person View Third Person View
Archaic urglaes reliquary Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable No
Original Release Venue PlayApartTogether 2020
Loresong Yes
Item Verbs

Additional Information


You carefully inspect your urglaes reliquary.

You determine that you could wear the reliquary, attaching it to your belt.

It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of urglaes.


Loresong Reaction
A shadowy haze obscures your vision. All you can see is darkness.

A rush of cold air causes your vision to end.

(PlayerName)'s eyes turn into black pools for a moment.
Your vision darkens, and the image of a twisted landscape is before you. Dead trees that seem to wiggle like worms beckon you. As you move through the odd forest, you lose your footing and begin to fall through the ground.

You are startled as the vision ends before you hit solid ground.

(PlayerName) looks startled for a moment.
You find yourself in a pool of ooze and climb out onto dry land, which is parched from the burning sky. The ground forms a mouth and whispers to you. You cannot make out what it is saying, so you lower your ear and hear, "I thirst for your soul!" You pull back and try to run away, but the ground shifts and you're swallowed by the open maw underneath you. A sinister voice whispers, "And now you're mine."

You fall deep into this world's gullet as the vision slowly fades.

(PlayerName) looks terrified.
You close your eyes and open them, finding yourself surrounded by gems. They are everywhere. Traversing through the gems feels impossible, but you manage to find your way to a clearing. A bright light shines down on a a pedestal. On it is a reliquary, just like the one you're holding. You glance down at your other hand and you notice you're holding an Eye-of-Koar emerald. Must have picked it up when you were climbing through gems. You feel the urge to infuse your spirit into the reliquary, and as you do, the emerald shatters. The ground underneath you becomes unstable, and the world begins to collapse. You feel your existence being shredded as if you're just a memory and you are being erased. And suddenly, you are.

The vision dissolves.

A blank look washes over (PlayerName).