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Armor concealing garments are scripted clothes that can hide a character's worn armor when others look at them. They are distinct from clothing that can be worn over or under a suit of armor without hiding it. Some armor concealers are partial, meaning they can only hide armor of certain subclasses. A concealer that covers the torso and arms will be able to hide a breastplate but not a suit of full plate armor.

Like other articles of clothing, armor concealers may or may not be functional depending on pocket size. Clothes that hold 2 pounds or less and 2 items or less are non-functional.


ANALYZE or INSPECT shows an armor concealer's coverage.

You carefully inspect your flowing silk robes.

You determine that you could wear the robes around your chest. The robes appears to serve some purpose.

You determine that the flowing silk robes is an armor concealing garment that will hide soft leather, rigid leather, chain mail and plate mail armor which covers torso, arms, legs and head when it is worn.


Generally, the range of acceptable alterations depends on the armor concealer's coverage. For example, a "tunic" may be appropriate for a concealer that covers the torso and arms, but not one which covers the legs and head as well. The exact range of possibilities are ultimately at the merchant's discretion. Some merchants may offer a service to change the coverage, such as adding a hood to cover the head.

Any outer garment noun may be used for armor concealers as long as they are loose fitting and fully cover the appropriate areas of protection (tunics do not cover legs, so they may not cover leg worn armor, a shawl would not be appropriate at all, etc.).

Armor concealers that cover the head must have a hood/cowl in the base (15/15/15) and in any long descriptions.

Armor concealers can be made out of any material that is not see-through.

Racial clothing nouns are approved as follows:

  • Ruhan: This garment is knee-length or shorter and should not have a hood, so it cannot cover armor with leg or head protection. This concealer cannot be pocketed
  • Toque: This noun is approved for any armor and may have a hood.
  • Cotehardie: This noun may be used but must clearly be an outer garment that falls to the knees (so it cannot cover armor with leg protection) and is not-tight fitting. It should be used as an elven outer garment, not a gown.
  • Apotl/Apotla: These are fine for concealers, but since it is a waist-length cloak, it only covers torso and arms.
  • Atanika/Ataniki: These nouns are approved for concealers but should not have a hood.

Note: The above information was taken from an official post; "toque" likely refers to the toqua, a style of robes worn by aelotoi.

Conflicting Scripts

Certain armor scripts conflict with armor concealers and cannot be hidden. Unlocked fusion gear are a known case.

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