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Atanika (aw tawn EEK uh) and ataniki (aw tawn EEK ee) are traditional erithian robes.[1]

Women wear atanika, the showpiece garment of erithian traditional garb. An atanika is a multi-layered robe with a center line opening. An ataniki, for the men, is essentially the same garment except that the cut allows a left-line wrap instead of center line. For everyday atanika, the sleeves are of a smaller bell, the vatanura (sashes) are optional, and the length is just above the knee. While some choose to keep their atanika simple and utilitarian for daily use, most erithi prefer embroidered layers of silks, linens, and other fine materials. Formal atanika are quite elaborate. All atanika do have inner ties to hold the garment together, even if a vatanura is not worn, but using the ties is also a matter of personal preference. Depending on the climate, atanika might be lined with warmer materials, such as wool or fur.

Acceptable materials: Silks, linens, satins, velvets, and muslins. Wool or fur is only acceptable for lining or accents.

Unacceptable materials: Leathers, suedes, and most other stiff materials.



a split-tailed grey linen ataniki opening at the left
an embroidered golden silk atanika layered with ebon linen
a side-wrapped alabaster ataniki embroidered with silver rams
a thick satin atanika crafted of colorful striped material
an alabaster raw silk ataniki lined with pale wool
a long grey velvet ataniki with small belled sleeves

Ebon Gate 2014:

a black cherry silk atanika trailing knee-length sleeves
a viridian silk ataniki folded to fall open down the left side
a storm grey silk atanika painted with willow leaves
an obsidian silk ataniki brocaded with sanguine dragons
a fur-lined silk atanika with long belled sleeves
a wool-lined raw silk ataniki

Ebon Gate 2013:

a multi-layered fine satin atanika opening down the center
a split-tailed crushed velvet ataniki opening at the left


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