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Category: Artisan Skills
Topic: Forging
Message #: 2364
Author: WYRMS
Date: 8/6/2005 12:08:20 PM
Subject: Skill Level

Level/Name Rank#
Novice 0-99
Apprentice 100-199
Journeyman 200-299
Skilled 300-399
Highly-Skilled 400-499
Master 500

Category: Artisan Skills
Topic: Artisan Skill
Message #: 160
Author: GS4-Naijin
Date: 12/10/2020 06:59 AM
Subject: Artisan Skill Update

Hey all,

We've made some minor changes to fletching and forging. Both systems will now use (LOGIC BONUS / 3) as a boost to gaining a rank. Previously, fletching was using Wisdom, and only one forging skill was using Logic. These have now all been put in sync and should help with those last few painful ranks. In addition, forging has had roundtime reductions across the board:

Glyph (staring): 30s => 5s

Grinder: 105s => 30s

Polisher: 80s => 30s

Vise: 70s => 30s

Bucket (in forge): 10s => 5s

Forge: 180s + 60s per material difficulty (up to 420s) => 60s + 20s per material difficulty (up to 105s)

Thanks to Viduus for the quick QC.

- Naijin