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The Assume Aspect memento, an intricately carved wooden medallion, is a memento that was given out to commemorate the release of the ranger spell, Assume Aspect.



You analyze your carved wooden medallion and sense that there is no recorded information on that item.  It may or may not be able to be worked on by a merchant alterer.

You get no sense of whether or not the medallion may be further lightened.


Thirteen carved figurines lie interconnected end-to-end, forming an unbroken ring of alternating woods around the perimeter of the medallion.  Each carving depicts a different animal: a wolf, a jackal, a lion, a panther, an owl, a hawk, a rat, a porcupine, a bear, a serpent, a burgee, a mantis, and a yierka.  The figurines surround a polished pale yellow monir core, which is engraved with the relief of a sheaf of grain.  A thick, rope-like verdant vine connects twice to the top of the medallion, currently centered upon the carmiln carving of the bear.


A small, flowery script is inscribed into the back of the carved wooden medallion in the Common language:

  When corruption rose in portside town,
  Threatening lives the world around,
  Heroes rose to tainted fire stave,
  And quell the carnage that it did crave.
  A life restored from a scorched duress,
  Gratefulness that one cannot express.
  What was once corrupt again shone pure,
  Restoring balance that must endure.

- Ahndo Maeza
  Phoenatos, 5105.


These verbs are performed by a "not Imaera" "not Ranger" character.
Verb First Third
PULL You grasp the verdant vine from which the carved wooden medallion hangs, adjusting its fit as best as you can. XXX grasps the verdant vine from which his carved wooden medallion hangs, adjusting its fit as best as he can.
PUSH You press upon the monir core of the carved wooden medallion, causing a thin, glowing line to spiral around its edge.

Roundtime 3 sec.

XXX presses upon the monir core of his carved wooden medallion, causing a thin, glowing line to spiral around its edge.
RUB As you rub the carved wooden medallion, the eyes of some of the intricately carved beasts upon its surface flicker with a warm green glow. As XXX rubs his carved wooden medallion, the eyes of some of the intricately carved beasts upon its surface flicker with a warm green glow.
TAP As you tap the monir core of the carved wooden medallion, a brilliant golden speck of light pulses once from its center before fading back into the grain of the wood.

Roundtime: 3 sec.

As XXX taps the monir core of his carved wooden medallion, a brilliant golden speck of light pulses once from its center before fading back into the grain of the wood.
TOUCH You place your hand on the carved wooden medallion, grasping your fingers around its edges. XXX places his on his carved wooden medallion, grasping his fingers around its edges.
TURN As you turn the carved wooden medallion clockwise, the carmiln bear carving at the top of the ring of figurines is displaced by the carved yew porcupine with a barely audible *click*.

Roundtime 3 sec.

As XXX turns his carved wooden medallion clockwise, the carmiln bear carving at the top of the ring of figurines is displaced by the carved yew porcupine with a barely audible *click*.
Cycles through the various animals


Loresong Reaction
The whole of the carved wooden medallion resonates with the sound of your voice, as if attempting to establish its own natural harmonization. The eyes of the central carmiln bear carving briefly glimmer to life, acknowledging your effort. The carved wooden medallion in XXX's hand begins to resonate in respose to her song, causing the eyes of the carmiln bear carving upon its outer ring to briefly glimmer to life.
As your song continues, your surroundings blur and shift away into a formless verdant shroud. Regaining your bearings, you find yourself in the middle of a forest meadow, surrounded by the diminutive buildings of a makeshift gnomish settlement. One of its residents bears a medallion nearly identical to your own, as she forages around the outskirts of the trees.

Your surroundings begin to cycle through a number of scenes, each centered around the same young forest gnome with the medallion hanging around her neck -- defending her kin from a pair of forest trolls, nimbly traversing treacherous terrain while tracking game, and casting protective spells upon domiciles to protect them from the elements...

When your vision shifts again, you find yourself in serene darkness, the sounds of nighttime creatures lulling you to sleep. A blood-curdling scream abruptly pierces the calm, causing you to bolt upright. You instinctively clutch at something resting upon your chest, and rush out of your home.

Chaos suffuses through your surroundings, a number of your forest gnome kin laying dead or dying, scattered across the settlement. Before you can move to react, however, an excuciating pain shoots through your body, emanating from between your shoulder blades.

As you slump to the ground, the last thing you see is an unfamiliar short figure, his body marred with tattoos and piercings. He tears the medallion from your grasp, and you feel only a deep sense of forlorn. The darkness that ensues inspires nothing resembling the peace that you had felt only moments ago.

Stuns bard

XXX appears disoriented for a moment. A wide-eyed look of shock suddenly passes across her features, and she slumps to the ground!
The environs blur and shift away again, leaving you this time in a roiling sea of dark fog. Soon, the silhouettes of twisted trees and hooded figures come into view, as you find yourself within a deep thicket. A number of torches surround a small clearing, one of the figures at its center.

The figure begins incanting with a monotonous sonance, and the torches flare up brightly in response. Streams of flame rise overhead, forming a dome on the clearing. The flames converge at the dome's apex, and send a column of fire down to the figure's feet.

Four of the other figures step forward, each joining in the archaic-sounding tongue. They simultaneously gesture toward the column of fire, causing a dark core to appear at its base, which quickly overcomes the entire height of the column with black and green tendrils.

A morose sense of loss filters again through your mind, as you feel as if a part of you has been torn away. You find yourself near the first figure, as he lowers his hood and retrieves a dark disk from where the blazing pillar had been. The tattooed and pierced gnome now approaches, picking you up in his grasp before plunging the disk into you. With a twisted grin and incantation, he seals the disk in place, and you feel a searing pain brought about by another unfamiliar presence...

A burning chaotic desire flows through your veins, as you set forth through the forest in a firestorm of destruction. You watch gleefully as the battered and scorched figures lie broken before you. As you turn to face your next victim, a hideous glowing golden light rattles your senses, and you feel your entire existance being pulled apart before all goes dark again.

Faint images of flickering black and green flames form about the core of XXX's carved wooden medallion before succumbing to a pulse of golden light.
Delving again into the depths of the carved wooden medallion, you feel completely disoriented and scattered, though you feel the faint comfort of your brethren nearby. A sliver emerges on the horizon, and rapidly expands into blinding daylight. You find yourself looking into the face of an old forest gnome, his features kind and wrinkled. He appears rather satisfied with himself as darkness overcomes you once more.

When day breaks anew, a much younger gnome peers around curiously into your confines, despite the look of genuine grief in his silvery green eyes. He cocks his head in puzzlement briefly before closing the box around you again.

You sense a passage of time and distance as you are carried within your dark home in pieces, longing to be reunited again. The box is opened and closed numerous times, allowing you to see a variety of curious gnomish and human faces alike.

You attempt to impress your longing desire of unification upon the young gnome, whose face has transitioned between curiousity, puzzlement, and frustration. Slowly but surely, you begin to regain your strength as he reunites you with the others, until finally you are made nearly whole again. The joy that wells up within you is reflected in his triumphant grin. Your elation is short-lived, however, as you sense a familiar, chaotic, dark presence overcome again...

The sadistic urge for disorder and turmoil overwhelms you anew as a long-dormant power burns through every muscle in your body with renewed strength. You revel in the screams, the searing flesh, as your twisted creations propogate your reign across the continent. Though the environment is different than it was previously, your victims are plentiful, and that is all that matters.

A myriad of conflicted emotions play across XXX's features: panic and relief, weakness and strength, triumph and despair. Finally, a twisted, sly smile spreads across her face.
You weave your song through the ring of the carved wooden medallion once more, and your surroundings fade again, leaving you shrouded in a thick grey fog. As clarity returns to your sight, the scene of a town blanketed in black mist greets your senses. Fires rage, spewing forth with their black and green tendrils, devouring anything in reach of their grasp...

You find yourself surrounded by a motley congregation of people at the base of a waterfall, though only one has your focused attention. His bloodline reeks of treachery -- the thought of erasing him from existence is all that fuels you as you lash out at him with murderous aggression.

A familiar wretched, sickly golden light flashes before you as your bloodlust is forcibly torn from you. Confused bewilderment sets in momentarily, but it is soon replaced with pure serenity and comfort, as if everything was finally in balance again after so many years of separation, loss, and despair.

A deep force of natural power wells up within you, as you notice another shift in the environs. An endless field of golden grain extends far off into the horizon, a clear dark blue sky above. Instinctively, you release the energy, sending a band of golden incandescence streaking overhead, trailed by whorls of verdant green that momentarily paint the heavens with its color...

You sense that the flows of the magic within the carved wooden medallion are drawn to XXX.

The carved wooden medallion seems to respond to the magic of XXX's song.

Additional Information

Figurines were temporarily located at the path to each Ranger Guild. When the figurine was RUBbed, the memento was produced.

[Upper Trollfang, Shaded Path]
Thick underbrush and fallen oak leaves waist-high to a halfling obscure any remnants of a trail here.  Acorns crunch underfoot with every step, the sound echoing off of the trees in an otherwise quiet forest.  The magnificent oak trees of the forest are unmoving in the calm air, steadfast as they have stood through their many years.  You also see a carved wooden wolf figurine inset into one of the oak trees and Master Tracker Sampson.
Also here: Lady Belnia
Obvious paths: north, out

rub figurine

As you rub the wolf figurine, a myriad of gold and green strands of energy burst forth from around its edges, forming a tightly knit webwork in the palm of your right hand.  The bands of energy quickly expand and begin coursing rapidly around in tight ellipitical paths, moving with some unknown purpose.  You notice a tangible weight in your hand as they slow down and fade, leaving you holding an intricately carved wooden medallion.

Shared information from Belnia

Belnia whispers, "The basic scripts are available to everyone, if you're a ranger you get slightly nicer scripts, and if you know 650 you get even nicer scripts."

Belnia whispers, "Oh, if you follow imaera you get moved up 1 level on the scripting scale."

Belnia whispers, "So an imaera ranger of any level gets the nicest scripts."

Release Announcement


After recovering from his possession and inner struggles, forest gnome Ahndo Maeza returned to the public to express his gratitude to all who assisted him in his trying times.  After much thought, he stated that the formerly tainted artifact would be broken back down into its components.

"With its natural influence already released into the world, I felt that this would be the best way to prevent any further chance of corruption," stated Maeza.

A number of the figurines that once made up the outer ring of the medallion that Ahndo beared have been temporarily loaned to the Ranger Guilds of Elanith.  The figurines have been set up at the paths to each branch of the guild, in order to allow access to all.

"It seems that, even when separated, the figurines still hold a sort of memory of their complete intended form.  A simple touch will trigger this memory in them, producing a replica.  You'll find that they have plenty to tell, for those who are willing to listen," added Maeza.

Shortly thereafter, Ahndo began his journey back home, accompanied by a dark silver stratis.  The artifact copies appear to respond strongly to those with a higher familiarity with nature than for others, though they seem to bond to any who claim them.
Assume Aspect memento Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Jewelry
Original Release Merchant Quest
Original Release Year 2005
Quest Item Yes
Loresong Yes
Attunement Permanent
Attunes to Character
Item Verbs