Aurien's Account of the Swalafat (log)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Aurien's Account of the Swalafat

Author: Aurien

Aurien says, "First let me tell you of our own Guild, twas called the Thieves Guild and was founded long before those instituitons we know as guilds today."
Aurien says, "It was founded my Lord Artuero and Mikhail in the distant past. They recruited the lands thieves to join them and collected fees from our work."
Aurien says, "When we took our tip of two scoops when opening chests for customers one scoop ours to keep and one went to the Guild."
Aurien says, "Over time Lords Artuero and Mikhail faded from the scene. I was one of the more senior thieves left in the land and along with Kree and Sagan we took over the officer duties. I having a special affinity for treasure, became the treasurer."
Aurien says, "Which had advantages of it’s own."
Aurien says, "No there came a time when even Kree and Sagan were not around as much as they were. I was in the tea shop and recived word that a brutal thug was near town square demanding the prescence of a member of the Thives guildm, and especially an officer."
Aurien says, "A fello member managed to locate me and i went to see what this all about."
Aurien says, "I came upon on of the most vicous lookin scundrels I had ever seen....tall and brutish with fangs when he grinned, a half orc who called himself Amoke."
Aurien says, "He asked if I was an officer of the Guild and I indicated that i was...I had two fellow members with me and he immediatley began a list of demands."
Aurien says, "He indicated that he and his group were to take over our guild and that any that stood against him would be elimanted. Henceforth we would answer to him and his leaders."
Aurien says, "Obviously we did not take kindly to that one word led to another and it came to blows, three of us took our blades to him."
Aurien says, "And he made fools of us. Now keep in mind at the time Only Lord Artuero and one other had skills greater then mine in the arts of Thieving....yet he handled us like we were children."
Aurien says, "Disarming us with moves we havd not seen before. Taking away our blades and mockingly returning them to us."
Aurien says, "Now i am not a stupid man and I soon relaized continual attempts to attack him were useless. He then informed us he would be taking his leave....but that he and his would return soon and make contact with us."
Aurien says, "There was much speculation of what this all meant when I relayed the information to other members.Shortlly before this we had been visited by a group of adventurers who indicated that they were privy to certain maneuvers unknown to any other that would become the sole province of the Thieves and Fighters..."
Aurien says, "Over time they started to make contact with various the the town. "

Aurien says, "In various meetings we started to learn what they were to demand of us...we were to halt all would become the exclusive domain of this new Guild SWALAFAT...we would be allowed to exist only at thier pleasure. Some amongst them seemed more amiable then others even joining us on hunts. "
Aurien says, "Our own guild met in Secret..we decided we would play both sides of the fence...some iof us to remain friendly with Swlafat and some to go on business as usual."
Aurien says, "It was then that those red cruystals started to appear....if we were picking a chest in town Sqaure..."
Aurien says, "One would drop out the tree and kill all in the square."
Aurien says, "I once picked a pile of boxes for friends in the Cul de sac and a figure placed one of these in my backpack, it killing me instantly when it set off."
Aurien says, "Gremlynn was even attacked here in the halls Of Aspis and murdered."
Aurien says, "Yet.....some still remained on firendly terms with members of swalafat....we came to learn there a rift in their ranks..some thinking they should form good relations with us and others that we should be destroyed."
Aurien says, "A Tibare and a Mipiun seened the friendly type..along with a lass named Tress."
Aurien says, "On the other side Amoke of course...Ibin and Symane."
Aurien says, "They also had magickers in their ranks..a very powerful wizard named Morrison and a Cleric of great skill."
Aurien says, "In nay case....the town become more and more become harder to restrain our members....there was nightly bloodshed...those infernal crystals killed many of us...our fights were involving more of the other people in the town, caught up in the battles or explosions."
Aurien says, "It became more difficult to ply our trade...."
Aurien says, "Our guild met in secret many times to discuss what to to...these were rancourous meetings, the debates heated....."
Aurien says, "There came a point where senior members of Swalfat asked to meet with out Guild leaders...."
Aurien says, "They lead us to belive they sought an alliance with us....and agianst member sof thier own Guild whom they believed too volatile and dangerous."
Aurien says, "We decided to meet with them......but had plans of our own...fewer of us trusted them then ionce had."
Aurien says, "We gathered all of our strength...some 20 and more members.....along with a few close allies from the other townsfolk."
Aurien says, "And heaed to the meeting place just outside these walls in the old the door a number of us to wait in hiding...the leaders to proceed inside stalked by a few of our more highly skilled stalkkers"
Aurien says, "I was amongst one of those hidden that would go inside..we entered the warehosue and all seemed normal the rest waiting outside..words were exchanged."

Aurien says, "Twas Lord Kree speaking as guildmaster on our side....on theres a Mipiun and an Ibin."

Aurien says, "Amoke i do not recall seeing."

Aurien says, "Now we had decided beforehand that we would each target a single individual from hiding...this so we did not make our first strikes against the same ...we hoped to cripple as many of them as possible in a single sudden strike"
Aurien recites:
    "Because we had determined that they could not be trusted and must be destroyed"
Aurien says, "The one I had my blade destined for appeared....I stalked him even as Kree and Mipiun and Ibin were talking."
Aurien says, "He left the warhouse..myself on his tail...."
Aurien says, "Almost as soon as he exited the building the doors shut behind me...what happened inside with the thieves left behind from our Guild i only learbed of later."
Aurien says, "We could not get back inside but could hear the sounds of battle..the doors barred to us."
Aurien says, "We tried bashing the walls.....two young rogues dashed to town swaure there to get wizards and clerics for it seems the doors barred by magical means."
Aurien says, "The rest of us waitied in frustration prey had vanished and was forgoteen."
Aurien says, "We then got word that SWALAFAT was striking all over town..hit and run raids on passerbys...ambushes on independent rogues from the sghadows."
Aurien says, "So what to do? Our leaders and fellow members trapped inside..we having no idea what was ggoing on....swalfat striking the town over in anattempt to take over..."
Aurien says, "We decided to split up...we were sueless at the doors to the small group would wait there for the reinforcements from town square..the rest of us would go on a hunt."
Aurien says, "And hunt we did...we battled them in streets and alleyways...the battle was fluid. it ebbed and flowed with first us gaiining the upper hand and then them."
Aurien says, They had the advantage of skill..while less in numbers, they were more highly skilled then the bulk of our own Guild."
Aurien says, "We had the numbers...and townsfolk ready to raise us and aid us if we fell."
Aurien says, "We would see one of them in the street..he would flee..and one or two would pursue him..only to be ambushed from the shadows."
Aurien says, "It was game of cat and mouse....but neither side seemed to have the upper hand"
Aurien says, "As such battles tend to go we started to scatter..seeking out prey individualy...trying to find where they hid."
Aurien says, "While hid near the west side of town..I saw one of the enemy dragging the body of one of his partners through the street. My first insticct was to kill him."

Aurien says, "But i decided to follow instead from hiding. He dragged the body into the tea shop and too a table unaware i was behinf him."
Aurien says, "There I spotted thier Cleric....raising the dead...thier healer..patching the wounds.....the person once dead retruning to battle."

Aurien says, "I bided my time recognizing the place had sanctuary cast.........I had thought to call for help on the amulet but it had been learned they could monitor our thoughts."
Aurien says, "I waited....the sense of security passed from the area..the Cleric had been meditating..he woke..hsi fingers working as he chanted a spell."
Aurien says, "My blade was faster....he fell dead."
Aurien says, "The healer fled....a thief that had just been raised traded blows with me and ran."
Aurien says, "After that the battle turned distinclty in out favor.....the mebers of swalfat started to flee..Ibin was caught and slain trying to rob the bank."
Aurien says, "I tried to find that Amoke...but never saw him again..I learned that our group at the warehosue had finally broken into that building recusing our guild leaders."
Aurien says, "Those of Swlafat that were in there dispered and fled...after more street battles."
Aurien recites:
    "Swalfat was defeated and soundly so."
Aurien says, "Morrison their wizard fled....Mipiun not to be seen...of tress, a pretty lass....I saw no more."
Aurien says, " the attacks ended....time to time a member ofd Swalfat would be seen but they would soon hide....they would hit us now abnad gain with those red crystals but even those attacks waned"
Aurien says, "As Guilds tend to do we started drifting our own way....thinking it over."
Aurien says, "One night I was near the museum when a voice whsipered to my from the shadows..psst..are you that Aurien fella thats in the Thives guild it asks."
Aurien says, "A dwarf appears from the shadows looking about nervously...."
Aurien says, "Manx was his name.....he said he had been with swalfat and had escaped thier clutches..he had a proposition fer me and wanted to meet me in a few nigths time."

Aurien says, "Now...once burned twice shy...I wondered aloud at whether he could be trusted..he assured me that he could...that his life in danger and he had a proposition for me that could make us all very very wealthy."
Aurien says, "So I met him those few nigths later....I took along some friends as a precaution..fellow member sof the Guild..I can only remember chaum as being one."
Aurien says, "He met us as indicated and told us of what had become odf swalafat."
Aurien says, "It seems swalfat answered to higher powers elsehwere...that thier Guild had been swalloing up towns all over Elanthia and that this the first time they had ever sufferred a defeat."
Aurien says, "Some of those members were returned to their see reinforcemnts...even more powerful help."
Aurien says, "But even at that the Overlords were concerned..they had never sufferred such a setback before..and a faction amongst them were expressing their admitration for our guild...and this was causing a split in their ranks."
Aurien says, "So there was a debate going on...send in more...or stay out of that hell hole."
Aurien says, "At the same time some of theirs were still in town.....hid and This Manx indicated he had escaped them and they were looking for him."
Aurien says, "Why are you so important to them i asked?"
Aurien says, "He tapped this strange key around his neck...Join me and you will see."
Aurien says, "We joined and he said..this key..can open any lock..without failure..without breaking."
Aurien says, "Without setting off any trap."
Aurien says, "He said I made this key...Swallafat wants this key and they want me to make them more."
Aurien says, "He took us first to themerchants warehosue to that strongbox."
Aurien says, "CLICK it opens..inside it filled with yerself says he."
Aurien says, "He then takes us to the warehosue with the safe on the eastern side of time..CLICK the safe opens...golden eggs and yerself says he."
Aurien says, "He then takes us to one of the wizards hosues..those special ones they enchanted it opens."
Aurien says, "Go on in and snopp says he."

Mustafo says, "The egg was real."
Aurien says, "I still have a gold egg in a locker."
Aurien says, "Then he says..i got something even BETTER to show you."

Aurien says, "He leads us into the catacombs."

Aurien says, "To that room beyond that magicked door..where the hallway leads to the cot under the constables."

Aurien says, "He pauses at what was all of rock winks at us."

Souris leans forward.

Aurien recites:
    "He fumbles somewhere then uses hsi key..."

Aurien says, "We go inside....there a throne...its armrests in the shape of black jaguars."
Aurien says, "There beds...chests...cells and tables."
Tellian raises an eyebrow.

Aurien recites:
    "This is swalafats hideout says he."

Aurien says, "We go inside...i spot a number of those red cryrtals on a shelf."

Aurien says, "I grab them...manx is nervous...very nervous."
Aurien says, "He says we gots to get out of here...and quick they will return seoon and I best not be soon with you."
Aurien says, "We leave..he locks up the door...he is sweating...we head off elsehwere."
Aurien says, "I ask hiom...what will one of those keys cost..and can you make more for our guild."

Aurien says, "He says yes yes....I can make will cost 2 million silvers."
Aurien says, "Now 2 MILLION in those days"
Mustafo taps a small silver star that he is wearing.

Souris starts chortling.

Mustafo taps a small silver star that he is wearing.

Aurien says, "No one had two million."

Souris cocks her head at Mustafo.

The fire dies down a bit until it finds some fresh wood to burn.  Then the flames dance higher as they feast.

You nod.

Tarlina searches around for a moment.

Thia says, "Still is unreachable for some of us."

Tarlina nods to Thia.

Souris nods.

Tellian grins.

Aurien recites:
    "I confer with my fellows..even pooled together and with the guilds loot thrown in we dont have close to the sum."
Aurien says, "I tell him I have to get in touch with the other members...we can raise the coin..he agrees to meet with us."
Aurien says, "There much excitment about the key..the Guild agrees it would be a great thing to have..."
Aurien says, "In any case...we DID now know where that hideout was."
Aurien says, "And at a later time one Lord Bleys..infiltrated it..and stole a special black ora balde that belonged to one of their assassins from it."
Aurien says, "They put a price on his head for they did on a few others."
Aurien says, "Swalafat did return later but not in the strength with which they first seems the overlirds did not want to make that great an investment in what they saw a lost cause."

Aurien says, "He appeared now and then...but i nver got to cross blades with him."