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Attack versus Defense, often abbreviated AvD, is a numerical value that expresses the effectiveness of a weapon against armor. The value changes depending on what weapon is used and what armor is worn, and these numbers are quite diverse. A rapier, for example, has a very high AvD against unarmored opponents, but since the weapon is very poor at penetrating plate armor, the AvD against plate armor is very low.

Every armor type has four different levels of coverage. For every increase in coverage, the AvD lowers by a set amount. For example, the AvD against leather armor decreases by 1 for every level of coverage, where for plate, the AvD decreases by 6 for every level of coverage. The values for every type of armor is listed below:

  • Robes/Cloth - 0
  • Leather - 1
  • Scale - 2
  • Chain Armor - 4
  • Plate Armor - 6

To see the AvD for every weapon against every armor, see the appropriate skill to use the weapon.

The skills are as follows:

Forging can create weapons that have better than standard AvD for their type.