BADNAME (verb)

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BADNAME is a command used to submit a character name for policy review.


    BADNAME {player} {reason}       - File a request that a player's name be reviewed


Generally speaking, the reason for submitting a character name for review should fall within the reasons set out in the policy. These include but may not be limited to:

  - Names with titles in them.  (Knighblackness, Mistressjade, Kingdan)
  - Phrases.  (Imatoasteroven, Irocku, Westandtall, Youfearme)
  - Technology based names.  (Laserbrain, Jetfighter, Mouseclicker)
  - Copyrighted or trademarked names.  (Nintendo, Lucasfilm, Chevy)
  - Odd punctuation or capitalization.  (Fragel DeLYon)
  - Garbage names.  (Xxbdgscy , Yyyzzz)
  - Names with repetitive letters.  Two may be allowed, three will not.  (Xxfredxx, Ghannndalf, Marrrisa)
  - Abbreviations or words with missing letters are not allowed.  (Drgnslr, Grngobln, Ldyjssie)
  - Character names should not be the name of any of the monsters, gods, goddesses, towns or cities in Elanthia.
  - Names that mimic items or creature names.  (Broadsword, Tower, Puma)
  - Names too similar to names of Staff members or NPCs in game.
  - Famous out-of-genre literary figures or well-known literary terms.  (Buckrogers, Chewybacca)
  - Names of out-of-genre personalities from T.V., literature, cartoons, video games, or movies.  (Hansolo, Clarkkent, Spongebob)
  - Names of current or past well-known personalities.  (Madonna, Goldberg, Cronkite)
  - Names of well-known historical or religious figures.  (Hitler, God, Stpeter, Gandhi)
  - Names of real locations, holidays, or events.  (Chicago, Easter, Mitzvah)
  - Vulgarity of any sort will not be allowed.
  - Racist or racist related terms are clearly unacceptable.
  - Drug-related terms are not allowed.  (Cocaine, Opium, and prescription names)
  - Names clearly in bad taste will not be allowed.  (Lykmipihole or Monkeyspanker)
  - Names created specifically to mock current players.