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Type System
System Policy

BADNAME is a command used to submit a character name for policy review.


Note: This populates with HELP BADNAME or BADNAME by itself.

    BADNAME {player} {reason}       - File a request that a player's name be reviewed


The following guidelines are in place to ensure a high level of consistency among the names of the adventurers within our community.  Players consistently creating names that violate the guidelines may be formally warned or face suspension of playing privileges.

  - Names with titles in them.  (Knighblackness, Mistressjade, Kingdan)
  - Phrases.  (Imatoasteroven, Irocku, Westandtall, Youfearme)
  - Technology based names.  (Laserbrain, Jetfighter, Mouseclicker)
  - Copyrighted or trademarked names.  (Nintendo, Lucasfilm, Chevy)
  - Odd punctuation or capitalization.  (Fragel DeLYon)
  - Garbage names.  (Xxbdgscy , Yyyzzz)
  - Names with repetitive letters.  Two may be allowed, three will not.  (Xxfredxx, Ghannndalf, Marrrisa)
  - Abbreviations or words with missing letters are not allowed.  (Drgnslr, Grngobln, Ldyjssie)
  - Character names should not be the name of any of the monsters, gods, goddesses, towns or cities in Elanthia.
  - Names that mimic items or creature names.  (Broadsword, Tower, Puma)
  - Names too similar to names of Staff members or NPCs in game.
  - Famous out-of-genre literary figures or well-known literary terms.  (Buckrogers, Chewybacca)
  - Names of out-of-genre personalities from T.V., literature, cartoons, video games, or movies.  (Hansolo, Clarkkent, Spongebob)
  - Names of current or past well-known personalities.  (Madonna, Goldberg, Cronkite)
  - Names of well-known historical or religious figures.  (Hitler, God, Stpeter, Gandhi)
  - Names of real locations, holidays, or events.  (Chicago, Easter, Mitzvah)
  - Vulgarity of any sort will not be allowed.
  - Racist or racist related terms are clearly unacceptable.
  - Drug-related terms are not allowed.  (Cocaine, Opium, and prescription names)
  - Names clearly in bad taste will not be allowed.  (Lykmipihole or Monkeyspanker)
  - Names created specifically to mock current players.

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