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battered cellar door, [Map Room #9], Lich# 29421, go cellar door

Grubbe Hub

[Grubbe Hub - 29424]
Chain-strung lanterns hang unlit above the earthen-walled dwelling. A lopsided wooden table stands across the cramped room from a filthy glass-covered counter. Floating in through a small round window, the salty air mingles with the scents of recently prepared dishes. Nailed into the hardened dirt walls, a wrinkled folded notecard appears closely guarded by a heavily armored kobold. You also see a heavily armored kobold.
Obvious exits: out
wrinkled folded notecard
Kobold Kuisine --- Da Taste ob Magicks! Grub Sandwich --- Spirit Warding I Leeches and Cream --- Spirit Barrier Thick Green Juice --- Spirit Warding II Aphid Porridge --- Elemental Defense I Doughnut --- Elemental Defense II Beet Salad --- Elemental Defense III Pear Brandy --- Lock pick Enhancement Red Liquid --- Disarm Enhancement Cheesy Squirrel Tails --- Elemental Deflection Egg Custard --- Prayer of Protection Chunky Stew --- Foraging Goblin Eyeball --- Thurfel's Ward
>look at heavily armored kobold
Clad in armor made from left over bits of metal, the kobold squints through a dented visored helm.  In his right hand, he holds a broken-hafted halberd.

>ask kobold about name
The kobold grumbles, "Names is Dredge.  Don't care what yoos is."

>ask kobold about Grubbe
A heavily armored kobold straightens visibly and glances around before answering.  "Da Boss?  Good Kobold.  Smart Kobold.  Gave Dredge dis job.  Boss Grubbe make name for himself.  Yoos see."

On the lopsided wooden table you see: a gravy-soaked grub sandwich, some leeches and cream, a red beet and weevil salad, a bowl of egg custard, some pear brandy and a clumpy red liquid.

a gravy-soaked grub sandwich Weight: <1 pound Spirit Warding I
10 bites
some leeches and cream Weight: <1 pound Spirit Barrier
10 bites
a red beet and weevil salad Weight: <1 pound Elemental Defense III
10 bites
a bowl of egg custard Weight: <1 pound Prayer of Protection
10 bites
some pear brandy Weight: <1 pound Lock Pick Enhancement
10 quaffs
a clumpy red liquid Weight: <1 pound Disarm Enhancement
10 quaffs

filthy glass-covered counter The wood surface is coated in a fine layer of lacquer and dust. The glass cover of the counter is caked with old dirt and other mysteries.

On the filthy glass-covered counter you see: a pickled goblin eyeball, some aphid porridge, a chocolate-covered filled doughnut, some thick green juice and a cheese-topped grilled squirrel tail.

a pickled goblin eyeball Weight: <1 pound Thurfel's Ward
10 bites
some aphid porridge Weight: <1 pound Elemental Defense I
10 bites
a chocolate-covered filled doughnut Weight: <1 pound Elemental Defense II
10 bites
some thick green juice Weight: <1 pound Spirit Warding II
10 quaffs
a cheese-topped grilled squirrel tail Weight: <1 pound Elemental Deflection
10 bites