BOUNCE (verb)

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To bounce is to express excitement and happiness in a jubilant, physical manner, with an embrace when involving another person.


Bounce help:

    BOUNCE                          - Bounces around
    BOUNCE {self}                   - Throw yourself to the ground
    BOUNCE {target}                 - Bounces at a target
    BOUNCE SET [OPTION]             - Shows or sets the BOUNCE verb options available.

Bounce set:

You have the following options available to you:

Your current option is:

Please click VERB INFO BOUNCE to see details about the available options.

Verb Info

Verb information for verb "BOUNCE":

People targets:
CATHEDRAL WEDDING  - You fling yourself at (target), wrapping your arms around him/her
                     in a loving embrace!
WAVEDANCER WEDDING - You laugh as you bounce against (target), wrapping your arms around
                     his/her waist and turning in a circle with him/her.
STANDARD           - You fling yourself against (target) with childish glee!

Self target:
  You fling yourself at the ground, hoping that you'll bounce....Predictably, you don't.

Object targets:
  You fling yourself at (target).

Creature targets:
  FIRST PERSON     - Not a good idea.  The (target) looks kind of lumpy and hard.
                     Not good bouncing.
  OTHERS           - Person glances at (target) then shakes her head, obviously
                     reconsidering something.

No target:
  You bounce around happily.

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.

With Teras Isle ashes.

You bounce up and down, the motion dislodging a storm of ashen clumps from your clothing.