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Couples in Elanthia have several options for marriage. The Simucoin Store offers Wedding Licenses that are associated with a specific Verb Package for couples, as well as packages that best serve the couples' pending nuptial needs.

All weddings are automated and 100% customizable by the wedding couple. Only one person needs to purchase a wedding license. Once you and your intended have signed the license, you may visit any Wedding Hall, available in nearly every town in the lands, to begin customizing your experience.

There are 23 Wedding Glades to choose from, and each area has its own set of dressing rooms for the wedding couple with access 30 minutes prior to the start of the wedding. All wedding glades have a central gathering spot, a secluded spot, a dance floor and food location, and an entrance.

There are over 27 Wedding Officiants that are available for your wedding day.

Weddings are 100% handled without the need to get a GameMaster involved. You can reschedule as needed, your invitations automatically updates for you, and even change who will officiate and where it will be held.

All wedding licenses expire 1 year from purchase.

Wedding Licenses by Verb Set

Please note: If a person already has a set of the wedding verbs below, they will be unable to redeem a wedding certificate that utilizes the same verbs, ie. If they already have Cathedral wedding verbs, they will not be able to redeem the Cathedral wedding license on that character again without annulling that marriage.

Wedding Packages

Verbs only

If you are already married, you can purchase this wedding verb package without having to purchase the entire wedding package. This will provide both couples with only the verb set.

Classic Wedding Package

Choice Wedding Package

Deluxe Wedding Package

Wedding Concourse

Once you have received your wedding trunk set from a wedding planner in the Wedding Hall, you will have access to the Wedding Concourse where items for your wedding can be customized by visiting the appropriate staff.

  • After All is Wed and Done – Visit the engraver to have trinkets, baubles, and niceties for the big day engraved. You can also have your wedding bands engraved here.
  • Bespoke Tailors – Visit with our tailors to fully customize your clothing items for the big day. Choose from thousands of designs and combinations, fabrics and embellishments.**
  • Crave Dining – Visit with the bartender, baker, and chef to build your menu, customize your wedding cake, and a few other culinary surprises.
  • Calm, Cool, Scented, I'm Yours – Visit the perfumer to select from one of ten perfumes or colognes for your big day. These scents are only available to couples for the big day.
  • Ever After Boutique - Visit with our tailors to fully customize your clothing items for the big day. Choose from thousands of designs and combinations, fabrics, and embellishments.**
  • Rice of Life – Visit with the designer to select your confetti for the big day.
  • Trim and Proper – Visit with the stylist to customize your hair changing and body changing items for the big day.
  • Two of a Kind – Visit with the cobbler to select from hundreds of offerings to cobble your way to your wedding day.
  • With This Jewel, I – Visit the jeweler to have all of your wedding jewelry customized for the big day.

Please Note:

  • Wedding Concourse access requires a signed wedding license.
  • Both tailors have matching options. We provided two locations so that each partner has a separate place to customize their clothing for the big day. You do not have to use separate tailors, this is just in case you wish to have any surprises.


Wedding Licenses can be purchased during Rings of Lumnis, Duskruin, Rumor Woods, and Ebon Gate from Simucoin store.

When Description Simucoin Cost Object
Rings of Lumnis (starting in 2022)
Duskruin (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2024)
Classic Wedding License 7500 a white marriage license
Rings of Lumnis (starting in 2022)
Duskruin (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2024)
Choice Wedding License 17500 a beige marriage license
Rings of Lumnis (starting in 2022)
Duskruin (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2024)
Deluxe Wedding License 35000 a crisp marriage license
Rings of Lumnis (starting in 2022)
Duskruin (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2022)
Rumor Woods (starting in 2024)
Divorce Certificate 1000 an annulment certificate
Rings of Lumnis (starting in 2022) Cathedral Wedding Verb Certificate 5000 a calligraphied certificate
Duskruin (starting in 2022) Chapel Wedding Verb Certificate 5000 a bell-motif certificate
Rumor Woods (starting in 2022) WaveDancer Wedding Verb Certificate 5000 a wave-motif certificate
Rumor Woods (starting in 2024) Eternal Wedding Verb Certificate 5000 a gold-edged certificate


Stages of Getting Married

Cultural & Racial Documents

History of Marriages

Gemstone Weddings Credits & History

2022 - Release - (WIP) Credit List

Original Proposal

2007 - Kaikala & Mariath
2008 - Premium Proposal - Thandiwe
2012 - Sherilisse & Jaina
2017 - Zoelle & Kynlee
2021 - Haliste & Thandiwe

Wedding Glades

Wedding Halls

Wedding Concourse
Painting - Kynlee - Additions made by Thandiwe
Shops - Vanah, Elidi, Mazreth, Zoelle

Wedding Clothing
Espousal Clothing - Male - Kynlee - Updated by Vanah & Thandiwe
Espousal Gown - Kynlee - Updated by Vanah
Wedding Veil & Train - Vanah
Wedding Garter - Vanah & Thandiwe
Rings Box - Vanah
Hairclip/tie - Vanah
Wedding Jewelry - Elysani & Lanadriel
Wedding Undershirt - Vanah, Thandiwe, Mariath
Wedding Corset - Vanah, Thandiwe, Mariath

Person of Honor Clothing
Maid of Honor Corset - Thandiwe
Maid of Honor Gown - Thandiwe
Consumate Groomsmen Jacket - Elysani, Ivry, Vanah, Thandiwe
Consumate Groomsmen Pants - Elysani, Ivry, Vanah, Thandiwe

Perfumes NPC - Vanah
Shop - Thandiwe
Perfumes - Xayle
Hideaway Glade - Painted by Itzel
Everafter Inn - Painted by Kenstrom
Empyreal Waters - Painted by Aiza
Honeymoon Cottages - Painted by Elysani
Honeymoon Keys & Portals - Created by Haliste
Honeymoon Deliveries - Created by Vanah
Honeymoon Keys - Painted by Xayle

Wedding Mechanics
NPC - Started by Kynlee, Completed by Haliste
Ceremonies Messaging - Started by Kynlee & Zoelle, Completed by Haliste
Simucoin Wedding Items - Haliste
Simucoin Divorce Items - Vanah
Wedding Mechanics - Haliste
Wedding Portals - Haliste
Wedding Ceremony Mechanics - Haliste
Wedding Invitations - Haliste
Wedding Album - Naiken & Thandiwe
Wedding Viewing Rooms - Haliste
Wedding Trunks - Haliste
Wedding Engraver - Vanah
Wedding Baker - Vanah
Wedding Chef - Vanah
Wedding Barkeep - Vanah
Wedding Tailor - Vanah
Wedding Verb Updates - Vanah
Wedding Chapel Verbs - Aiza, Vanah, Thandiwe, Haliste, Modrian, Sherilise, Jainna
Wedding Eternal Verbs - Xayle, Vanah, Haliste, Isten
Wedding Cake - Vanah
Signature Drink - Elysani, Vanah
Wedding Hairdresser - Vanah, Elysani, Thandiwe, Mariath
GM Wedding Verb - Haliste Host Wedding Verb - Vanah Spouse Verb - Vanah

Wiki Updates: Vanah, Thandiwe, Elysani

QC Team: Vanah, Thandiwe, Haliste, Isten, Flannihan, Kveta, Mariath, Itzel, Modrian


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