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Retired April 2016

>read placard on case
In the Common language, it reads:
Two of my special weapons...
*-* Fana, Owner *-*

In the glass case:

Item Bloodscrip Info
a golvern basilard with an obsidian-inlaid hilt 2500 Fana's "special" weapons
an imflass katana with interlocked steel ring along the hilt 5000 Fana's "special" weapons +22
a sleek rolaren palache with a carved lor hilt 2500 Fana's "special" weapons +25, acid flares

On the weapon rack:

Item Bloodscrip Info
a deep-hued faenor manople 50
a mithglin katar with serpentine etchings along the blades 190
a pitted imflass dagger with a rippled leather grip 50
a dark-bladed mithril handaxe 150
a silver vultite hook-knife with an onyx knuckle-guard 60
a black mithril falchion with a crescent moon pommel 50
a jagged ora short sword with a black pearl-inset pommel 120

On the mithril hooks:

Item Bloodscrip Info
a warped vultite estoc with a twisted silver branch guard 90
a blackened mithglin backsword with a snakeskin-wrapped hilt 80
a vultite longsword with a smoky glimaerstone-set pommel 100
a polished faenor espadon with dual emerald-inset quillons 60
an ancient rune-etched ora scimitar 60