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Current Inventory

Opened: Unknown; Inventory Updates: August 2019; Verified: 8/15/2019

a small shop with a book-shaped sign, Room 2, Lich# 25188, go shop


I, Qaril, can create a custom journal for you.  You need only to select a cover and a sheaf of pages from the bookcase.  (Each completed volume will have fifty pages.)  I can make five types of books (book, notebook, journal, volume, and folio), so be sure to ASK me about the one you are most interested in.  Please note that only I can bind these papers into a cover.  If you buy some, make sure I fix it up for you.  If you leave Bloodriven Village before I've worked with them, they will be useless.


Some obscure details about my wares:

Be aware when writing that the spoken and written word are closely linked.

You must have a quill to write, but it need not be a quill purchased here.  Inkpots are not necessary, as the pages have a magical element to them.

You may erase what you've written by CLEANing the page.

You may TEAR the page to *permanently* remove it from the book.

PUSH, TURN, and FLIP will allow you to work with the individual pages.

Once combined, creates a Writable book

In the cloth-lined chest you see:

a sheaf of bone white parchment Component for Writable book


The parchment is meant to be used in conjunction with a cover to create a book.
a sheaf of neatly lined parchment
a sheaf of petal pink parchment
a sheaf of singed vellum
a sheaf of crinkled vellum
a sheaf of silvery vellum
a sheaf of pale ruby parchment
a sheaf of cerulean paper
a sheaf of webbed paper
a sheaf of ebon-vined paper
a sheaf of soot-swept parchment
a star-embossed cobalt leather cover Component for Writable book


This cover is meant to be used in conjuction with a sheaf of paper in order to create a book.
an alabaster brushed suede cover
a braid-edged carmine suede cover
a faenor-shot golden doeskin cover
a violet-dotted onyx satin cover
a discolored haircloth cover
an anchor-set navy leather cover
a mottled gold snakeskin cover
an ebon-on-grey marbrinus cover
an amber-inlaid russet suede cover
a gilt-spined saffron leather cover

On the ebony bookcase you see:

a tapered white raven feather quill Weight: <1 pound functional


This quill can be altered, but the noun must remain as 'quill'. No long or show descriptions; base descriptions only (see ALTER 2). When worn, this will appear in your inventory as "tucked behind one ear".
Available verbs: EAT (held), GAZE (worn/held), KISS (held), PUSH (worn), REMOVE, TURN (held), and WEAR.
a crimson ibis feather quill
a petite grey shrike feather quill
a spotted tan falcon feather quill
a soft barn owl feather quill
an ebon-barred vulture feather quill
an aquamarine wave-embossed bookmark 1
a silk-backed dark suede bookmark
a silk-threaded silver mesh bookmark
a branded ivory kidskin bookmark

Archived Inventory

Retired August 2019

In the cloth-lined chest you see:

a branded black leather cover Components for a Writable book 50
a weathered ashen suede cover
a lace-tasseled burgundy silk cover
a glossy onyx viper skin cover
a riveted tobacco leather cover
a textured dark crocodile hide cover
a white-striped saffron velvet cover
a gold-cornered red suede cover
a torn bone white leather cover
a rough brown buckskin cover
a pearl-inset jade leather cover
a sheaf of bloodied paper 750
a sheaf of rough dark paper
a sheaf of niveous paper
a sheaf of gilded vellum
a sheaf of pale cream vellum
a sheaf of silvered vellum
a sheaf of laceworked vellum
a sheaf of lavender parchment
a sheaf of smudged parchment
a sheaf of aged grey parchment
a sheaf of faded pale parchment

On the ebony bookcase you see:

a charred whiskey leather bookmark 1
a latticed pale silk ribbon bookmark
a chalk-covered jet wool bookmark
a compass-inked olive suede bookmark
a frayed vulture feather quill pin-worn
a copper-tinted hawk feather quill
a pearlescent dove feather quill
a multi-colored parrot feather quill
a fluffy gold ostrich feather quill
a matte black crow feather quill

Retired December 2018

Last Revised: 8/19/17, Verified: 6/16/18

On the dark maple counter you see:

Once combined, creates a Writable book In the cloth-lined chest you see:

a sheaf of pale pink paper 750
a sheaf of sea green paper
a sheaf of sky blue paper
a sheaf of snow white paper
a sheaf of silvery paper
a sheaf of creamy vellum
a sheaf of pale vellum
a sheaf of yellowed vellum
a sheaf of ivory parchment
a sheaf of pure white parchment
a sheaf of age-dark parchment
a thin black leather cover 50
a dark silk-wrapped cover
a deep blue cloth-bound cover
a small white suede cover
a twilight grey leather cover
a bright yellow fabric-bound cover
a slim forest green leather cover
a large ocean blue suede cover
a silver-worked black leather cover
a gold-inlaid white leather cover

On the ebony bookcase you see:

a black silk ribbon bookmark 1
a white silk ribbon bookmark
an embossed black leather bookmark
a smooth brown leather bookmark
a long silver feather quill pin-worn
a slender green feather quill
a slender blue feather quill
a fluffy black feather quill
a long crimson feather quill
a fluffy white feather quill