Balaschar (prime)

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Balaschar Alaoui abu-Nalhir al Tehir
Balaschar Alaoui abu-Nalhir al Tehir as rendered by Hero Forge
Race Human
Culture Tehir
Class Cleric
Profession Ascetic
Religion Yes
Spouse Afeaa al Sahra


You see Balaschar.
He appears to be a Human of the Tehir tribes.
He is very tall.  He has piercing dark eyes and ebon skin.  The rest of his features are concealed by a sheer gauze veil hanging from his sun-bleached linen turban.
He has a plain wavy line scar around his left eye.
He is wearing a sun-bleached linen turban with a sheer gauze veil, a white linen cloak, some alabaster white leather, a simple blued steel wristchain, some white leather handwraps, a white sash, a sturdy dark leather gem pouch, a scuffed and faded leather kit, a turquoise-clasped leather potion case, and some white leather footwraps.


Known Affiliations


What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly; it's dearness only that gives everything its value. 
He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little.  He who would accomplish much must sacrifice much.  He who would accomplish highly must sacrifice greatly.
Bodily asceticism has always been the supreme road to spiritual knowledge. It is not possible for man to come to know the truth of life, the truth of the gods, or the truth of existence purely through intellectual categories.

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