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Balinworn Mirkendell was a human, warrior, and citizen of River's Rest.

Balinworn was a longtime citizen of River's Rest, and participated in the defense of the town and community on numerous times. During 5103, like several other citizens of the town, he joined the Fortuneers. He had an illogical fright of scarabs and was allergic to magic.

Balinworn's Appearance

You see Balinworn Mirkendell the Fortuneer.
He appears to be a Human.
He appears to be an adult. He has ale-brown eyes and dark skin. He has shoulder length, red hair. He has a small goatee.
He has a sun and moon tattoo on his neck, and a silver and azure comet tattoo on his ankle.
He has deep lacerations across his chest, minor cuts and bruises on his back, and some minor cuts and bruises on his left arm.
He is bleeding from the chest.
He is holding some blued steel vambraces inlaid with nathala agate in his right hand.
He is wearing a wide bronze band, a crystal amulet, a tree bark amulet, a cloak, a ten-pointed Fortuneer badge, a backpack, some finely crafted battle plate, a plainly simple wedding band, a large sack, a scabbard, and a brushed snowcat pelt sheath.