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River's Rest

River's Rest is a small town near the mouth of the Tempest River on Maelstrom Bay. It is a part of the Turamzzyrian Empire and the County of Torre. Due to the town's size and relative isolation, it is generally ignored by both county and imperial authorities. As such, River's Rest is considered a safe haven for those wishing to avoid the law. Its isolation also results in a small but tightly-knit player community.

History of River's Rest

River's Rest, while a small town today, is heir to a long rich tradition of history. The founding date of the town is unknown, but the town is believed to have received its name from a corruption of the trollish name for the island, "rhee v'reskha" which means turtle's egg. The island town was one of several towns that came to compose the Kingdom of Elanith which later was absorbed by the Kannalan Empire. Within the empire, River's Rest flourished due to its location at the mouth of the Tempest River, which at the time facilitated trade deep into the interior of the continent. In time, River's Rest became the cultural center of the empire, renown for its architecture, most notably, four great bridges which extended to the shores of the river, as well as an epicenter for the spread of poets, artisans, and intellectuals. The collapse of the Kannalan Empire in 3961 dramatically altered River's Rest fate.

The empire was over run by humanoids and River's Rest soon became one of the last bastions of resistance. The chief reason for this was the proximity of The Citadel, a fortress responsible for defending the region. The Citadel, originally ruled by a traditionally nameless "Commander," came under the control the Council of Mages, who became implicated in the murder of the Citadel's Commander. Their rule ended in 4058 with the invasion of a combined force of Krolvin and Trolls which wiped out the town and the defenders of the Citadel. The town was slow to recover, but did so under the banner of trade, both legal and illegal.

The Kingdom of Torre and the Grand Era of Piracy

The town again began to prosper and was incorporated into the Kingdom of Torre. In the 43rd century, River's Rest experienced what has become known as the "Grand Era of Piracy," which lasted from 4275 to 4325. Famed pirates included Ketain of the Scars, whom has a statue erected in the town and is buried there, as well as Oteska the Corsair, Bloody Malovor, and DeGaspard. In the 45th century, the Kingdom of Torre was annexed into the Turamzzyrian Empire and became the County of Torre. River's Rest was included in this transfer and soon became the recipient of an Imperial settlement plan to populate the trade town with more honest citizens. The measure was somewhat successful, but the rogue population remained regardless and were commonly referred to with a title they took on with pride as "River Rats."

River's Rest role as a trade town came to an end in 5018 with a great cataclysm which shook the earth and drastically affected the town. Most of the town's buildings were either leveled or consumed in fire and more dramatically, the quake forced the ground east of town upwards of thirty feet. In one day, the Tempest Falls were created and river trade down the Tempest to River's Rest was destroyed.

Recent History

In recent history, the year 5103 stands out as a year marked by violence and change that was marked by a blue comet in the night time sky. Seen by trolls as a divine sign, they began a migration to a holy land called G'bruk and departed entirely from the region around River's Rest. This was not done without battle, as the trolls chose to take an emigration route through the town which led to an inescapable conflict between trolls and town defenders. The second and worse event concerned the invasion and occupation of the town by the Krolvin under the command of Sankir the Bloodfist. Sankir, a former second in command to a failed invasion of Teras Isle, controlled the town for several months before departing to expand his enterprise of conquest. In his wake, a lieutenant and Bloodmaster, known as Khortal, was killed by Half-Krolvins who had come to avenge their people's torture and subjugation under Sankir. They were named Airn and Colgan. Soon after, the occupying Krolvin force dispersed for lack of leadership, stalwart resistance of the oppressed, and request by Airn.

Prior to 5103, the worst Krolvin attack in recent time had been the 5101 raid by Krolvin slavers and corsairs, which resulted in the destruction of a magical transportation portal.

In late 5107, violence erupted again marked by smuggler, Casler Huntington's return to River's Rest sparking a new round in the Smuggling Wars.

In early 5112, a madman named Hralth arrived in River's Rest just ahead of a massive felstrom. It is eventually discovered that a gnome named Grevisth is responsible for the felstrom's appearance in the Rest and is fueling its strength with the aid of spheres containing undead. Making his headquarters in the Citadel while terrorizing the folk of River's rest, Grevisth is eventually run out of town by Starchitin's limericks after several battles in which the Order of Voln assisted both directly and indirectly. The felstrom is later destroyed with the help of Hralth, Magister Remuliad, and Niima. During this period, The Order of Voln also expanded its presence in River's Rest, making it easier for locals who are members of the Order to advance through steps.

Other Lore, Stories, and Songs

There are many assorted stories, legends, and songs that have happened in and around River's Rest over the years. While not as epic and history-making as the Krolvin Occupation or Smuggling Wars, they have defined (and amused) the small community and deserve to be remembered.

Travel to River's Rest

Originally, River's Rest was accessible via a magical portal adjacent to Wehnimer's Landing created by the necromancer Syssanis. The portal, activated by dropping a crystal amulet into it, was accessible on the Wehnimer's Landing end by a large magical boot in the vicinity of a kobold village and an old fishing vessel. The River's Rest end of the portal was located at a magical log. The portal was destroyed in a 5101 attack by Krolvin, when the invaders blew up the log. Soon after, smugglers stepped in to fill the travel vacuum that was left in the smoldering remains of the log. The chief smuggler in this business is Captain Knaydl of the cutter Live Bait. Travel by cutter is never a sure trip, as the Imperial Navy will successfully interdict the smuggler's route from time to time, forcing the smugglers to dump any evidence of their trade. In 5106, the smugglers expanded business to hiding travellers and other contraband inside barrels to completely fool Imperial inspectors. However, they charge a premium on top of passage for the opportunity--this cost is variable, and seems to depend on level (a sample level-29 character had a fee of 11200 silvers). In 5107 the chronomages set up shop in the same place the only log was located. They also charge a premium fee. The boot and log returned in April of 2018 (If you're using Lich's GO2 utility to get there, you'll find the boot at 6274. If you're leaving, you'll find the log at 11032.)

Town Geography

The town of River's Rest is known well for several businesses, as well as notable buildings and institutions. Perhaps most iconic is the Stone Eye, a massive rock construction at the north end of the island. A multi-storied building, the Stone Eye is the sole location of the famed Winterberry Ale and a bar operated by a mongrel kobold named Byron. On the cliffs above the town sits the light house and home of the Beacon Hall Archives, an institution dedicated to the preservation of history and serving the needs of the town. Another institution dedicated to the preservation of local history, the River's Rest Museum is located near the Pavilion of the Bells, one of several popular spots for town weddings.

Around town, an ever present and loved symbol of River's Rest is Fluffy, a one-eared rabbit who lives in the town and is often seen nibbling on pieces of grass. Another familiar creature seen around town is Snuffy the aardvark.

A favorite resting spot for many town citizens is the town Commons, a grassy commons area shaded by a great willow tree. Another special place within the town is the point at the northern end of the island, near the Stone Eye. It is a quiet beautiful place, haunted by the ghosts of two tragic lovers, Estamil and Tandrik. Finally, there is the River's Rest, Sanctuary, located to the west of the Commons, which was formerly the preferred resting spot for healers and is currently the main triage location during town emergencies.

In 5107 the River's Rest Graveyard opened up to the west of the drawbridge outside of town.

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Town Traditions

Due to its isolation, River's Rest has developed several traditions unique to itself. The longest running tradition is the fast breaking or breakfast on Restday morning, usually in a tree house in the Commons or in the Commons itself. Winterberry Ale is the unofficial (official if you ask Aubery or Kretan) drink of the town. Many of the citizens almost always carry a green tourmaline on their person for Estamil and Tandrik. Despite its shadier reputation, River's Rest has a strong tradition of restricting the presence of theft within the town.

Religious Traditions

The denizens of the Rest are hugely varied and follow a diverse set of beliefs. A few spirits and Arkati, however, have a larger presence in the town than others. The lesser spirit, Aeia, is the patron goddess of the island. There are a number of shrines, gardens, and statuary dedicated to her. Niima and the Huntress, both have shrines in the area.

Town Activities

Like any other small town, the locals must be inventive to keep themselves occupied during the slow periods. Add in the unconventional, some would say insane, mindset of many of the residents of River's Rest and many interesting, often deadly, ways to pass the time are created. Some of the more notable activities include Gem of Fate, Dodge the Void, Bridge Jumping, Ring of Fire, Turban of Death, use of the Flinger, and the sensation of The Warren's Dock Diving. Be forewarned, participating in these activities will most likely result in being severely maimed or killed.


River's RestRiver TunnelsSea CavesKrolvin ShipTroll LairThe CitadelHidden Vale
River's Rest

The island of River's Rest, located within the County of Torre in the Turamzzyrian Empire, lies at the juncture of the Tempest River and Maelstrom Bay. The town takes its name from the island on which it is built. Although sparsely populated at the present time, the island's history is a mosaic of art, poverty, politics, disaster and dark practices. Leaving the natural security of the island exposes the traveler to a great many risks. River's Rest remains surrounded by bands of trolls, krolvin and fell beasts.
Area Level Range
River's Rest Environs 1-7
The shore immediately south of the town River's Rest offers both culture and danger for the brave traveler. The Tempest Falls, a natural waterfall that rose from the river during the last century, provides a focal point for several places of interest. The Gladberry Farms Winery lies to the south, while the society of Voln has provided a way station for the local followers closer to the waterfall. Some professional guilds have made their homes here, and a visitor to the local olive grove can see the remains of one of the Rest's great bridges. Farther west, an exposed bluff rewards visitors with a breathtaking view of Maelstrom Bay. Peaceful activities must be carried out with caution, however, as unfriendly creatures tend to wander the paths to and from the drawbridge to River's Rest proper.

Points of Interest: Gladberry Farms Winery, Voln, The Bluff

River Tunnels 1-2
Partially man-made, the tunnels beneath River's Rest host a wide array of underground flora and fauna, including an unusual species of mushroom that provides ample lighting for studying the rocky environment. Underground streams and jets of salt water create obstacles for two-legged visitors, but pose little threat to the crabs and rats that inhabit the area. Although the tunnels are fascinating to study in their own right, they also provide quick passage to the Citadel and the caves that lead directly to the sea. The magical barriers near the passage to the Citadel warrant close scrutiny.

Points of Interest: The Barriers, The Grate

Rumors: Word on the street says that many followers of the Huntress have been seen lurking within the tunnels. What business they have down there has yet to be determined.

The Citadel Exterior: 1-18
Interior: 54-62
The Citadel area of River's Rest, once the seat of power prior to the coming of the krolvin and trolls, contains all the buildings necessary to support a working castle. Decaying perimeter walls once kept enemies at bay, and an elemental garden that still hosts flaming violets and vines, icy plants and unusually tinted roses still guards the walkway to the citadel drawbridge. The structures still in existence are mostly untouched and still possess the bodies and destruction of the strife that brought the area to its knees. Illicit experiments conducted in the last century have brought undead and other frightful creatures to the area, so amateur archaeologists are advised to use extreme caution when investigating the area. Horticulturists will not want to miss the untouched garden for Aeia, thriving with plants and said to be tended by a ghostly caretaker. The citadel itself, built of striking ebony-hued bricks, still contains the hallmarks of power wielded by the Council of Mages in the 41st century.

The Zoo, The Gardens, The Infirmary, The Armory, The Alchemist Shop, The Garrison.

Rumors: Legend states that a powerful magical force that hides deep beneath The Citadel was the true power behind its ability to hold the light of civilization high after the fall. However, each act of treachery, assassination and deceit that occurred within weakened the force and eventually led to its ruin.

Hidden Vale 16-17
A variety of wildflowers and lush grass populate this hidden vale, which is just a stone's throw from the Citadel of River's Rest. Although a natural cave system, complete with an underground waterfall, hides this peaceful valley from the roaming undead of the Citadel, trolls of various types have managed to find their way here. Despite their presence, the vale and its surrounding tree line are relatively unspoiled.

Rumors: Wild horses were once said to roam within the vale, but recent troll activity has driven them off.

Troll Lair 17-27
This natural cave system has been expanded by the clan of trolls who dwell within it. The collection of artifacts, to use the term loosely, that has been amassed indicates that the clan has been in residence for some time or, at least, has not bothered to clean up after the previous occupants. A number of trolls and their pets can be supported here at one time - the lair boasts a hall, several storage facilities, a room for pets and quarters for trolls of various ranks. Visitors who are prepared to deal with the residents can get a unique insight into the everyday life of the troll.

Points of Interest: Clan Leader's Room, The Pit, The Pet's Room

Rumors: Centuries ago before trolls took over this cave, a great golden dragon was said to have made her nest here, giving birth to a rare rainbow dragon whose sight meant good fortune, and whose breath bestowed long life. Still, no records exist of having ever spotted this creature in known history.

Sea Caves 17-25
Like the river tunnels that connect these caves to the town of River's Rest, the natural sea caves have been reinforced by hand. Evidence suggests that mining activity has been attempted in the past, but most of the valuable commodities have been removed. The excavated caves provide the perfect hideout for the crew of a krolvin ship anchored nearby. They should not be considered safe for those ill-equipped to defend themselves against the krolvin.

Rumors: Krolvin are known for their tenacity. Despite repeated attempts to drive them from the area, the krolvin continue to thrive. One can only speculate what keeps them here.

Krolvin Ship 19-25
Krolvin have long made their presence known in the River's Rest region, dating back to the year 4058. As an example, a Krolvin-controlled caravel, using the convenience of the some sea caves, is permanently anchored near River's Rest. The ship boasts three masts and is fully outfitted for hauling cargo. Constantly manned by krolvins, it makes for dangerous exploration, but rewards the cautious with a fine example of ship building.

Points of Interest: The Bowsprit, The Anchor Chain, The Purser's Office

Rumors: Krolvin have in the past used small invasions as a diversion to kidnap local citizens with plans to make them slaves. Supposedly, this ship shows evidence of being taken by force.

Karazja Jungle 22-30
Long before its descent to its current primitive state, River's Rest was a great city renowned for its art and architecture. The island itself could not contain its population and the city spilled across the Tempest River to the mainland. Civil and geological strife devastated the city; inexorable time has finished the work. South River's Rest has been overtaken by a formidable jungle. Creeping vines, humid air and local trolls have reduced the existing buildings and huts to ruins. The decaying remains of a formal garden and several larger buildings invite study, although the panthers and vipers frequenting the area can cut short any extended examination. Many of these structures have been defaced with unusual markings. Persistent travel through the northwestern portion of the jungle rewards an adventurer with a visit to a secluded lagoon and pristine beach.

Points of Interest: The Stone Idol, The Emerald Lagoon

Rumors: Strange winds blowing through the area make travel risky. Adventurers are advised to regard with suspicion any saleman hawking maps of this area.

Maelstrom Bay (non-hostile)
Accessible from the northern shore of the Tempest River and the island of River's Rest, Maelstrom Bay offers a beautiful sojourn for the seasoned swimmer. Descending to its depths, one may observe a variety of colorful corals and fish, while on the surface, mats of sargassum float along with the currents and impressive cliff walls ring the north side of the bay. Progress west is impeded by the coral reef that breaks the surface, but plenty is left to explore between the Tempest River and the bay itself.

Points of Interest: The Old Broken Spar

Rumors: According to local gossips at the Stone Eye, the wreck of a ship can be found somewhere at the bottom of the Bay.

The Ruined Tower 30-35
Although damaged during the Great Quake of 5018, the tower remains an imposing structure. Located on the mainland north of the Tempest River, it was once the demesne of the wizard Kiergaunt Pandarre, a student of the elemental planes. The dungeons beneath the keep are worth exploring for their abandoned cells and torture chamber, while the tower and its courtyard hold the remnants of many admirable pieces of art, some of which can still be appreciated despite the decay. Abandoned after the Great Quake, the tower is still structurally sound.

Points of Interest: The Pool and Workshop, The Library, The Torture Chamber

Rumors: The wizard Kiergaunt Pandarre is said to have disappeared about the time of the Great Quake. It is thought the strange lifeforms now found in and around the tower are a product of his research. Some travelers claim to experience peculiar and revealing visions.

Shattered Moors 33-35
On the coast of Maelstrom Bay, north of the Tempest River, cattails and reeds give way to razor grass and heather across a varied range of terrain. To the west of a ruined tower, a salt marsh hosts swarms of mosquitoes and gnats, as well as more dangerous creatures. The astute observer can discern the results of the violent geological activity that gave the moors their name. The rolling hills of the Shattered Moors to the north and northeast are perpetually shrouded in mists. Travel is not too difficult through the moors, but visitors are advised to be wary, as the peat can provide tricky footing and unexpected encounters can be had with the native creatures.

Points of Interest: The Headland Boulder

Rumors: According to local legend, the moors were once a popular locale for smugglers. Darker rumors involve ships being lured to their deaths on the rocky shoals below the headlands, and cargos being salvaged as the dead washed ashore.

Krolvin Carrack 36-38
Recently beached near the salt marshes on the north shore of Maelstrom Bay, a Krolvin Carrack is still alive with the activity of its crew. Outfitted as a slave ship complete with holding cells and a branding room, corsairs and slavers still roam the decks, ready to sound the alarm if they spot trespassers. In some parts of the vessel, where work was clearly underway, it is evident that the impact took the occupants by surprise. In addition to keeping an eye out for the krolvin, visitors will want to watch their step, as the severe cant of the vessel can make for dangerous exploration.

Points of Interest: The Captain's Quarters, The Branding Room

Rumors: Some who were aboard the ship when it foundered may still be found around town.

Miasmal Forest 34-42
Fogs and mist shroud the Miasmal Forest in perpetual gloom, possibly due to magical damage that has occurred here in the past century. An old road that seems long abandoned cuts its way through part of the stunted trees of the forest, ending at a great oak that bears the corpses of many unfortunate victims. Surviving documents present in the area -- those in a more modern form of Common, that is -- indicate that Miasmal Forest was not always as unpleasant as it is today. Travelers in the region are advised to be wary of the mists, as it is quite easy to lose one's sense of direction when not on the main road.

Points of Interest: The Hanging Tree, Oteska's Haven

Rumors: Strangely mutilated animal skulls are found throughout the region.

Marsh Keep 44-54
A veil of fog conceals a pathway that leads to the east. It winds through fens that local legend claims have some connection to Millah Pradapt, a tragic figure from the era of the great Citadel fortress. Beyond it lies a keep that rises above the marshes, perhaps the source of the evil that now inhabits much of the land north of Maelstrom Bay. Like rotting bread crumbs, the remains of soldiers lead the way to the keep as a reminder to those who once thought to remove its former inhabitant by force. Danger lurks within the fog and the keep's high stone walls, threatening to add to the number of those who have fallen victim to the rumored horrors that dwell beyond the fog.
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Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Town Commons Super node 2101008 10861 10861
Sanctuary Super node 2101400 10855 10855
Lalena's Box Emporium
(inside a tent in the Commons Circle)
Super node 2101945 28717 20964
Mistral Hall, Lounge (Premium hall) Super node 4002305 20770 19675
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