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The Basilica is the most important building in a Faendryl city. It houses the Patriarch, the leader of the Faendryl, and his family. As such, the Basilica also has a host of Palestrian trained guards, known as Basilican Guards, to defend to Patriarch. The Basilica is the center of Faendryl politics, and most major political events, decisions, or gatherings take place inside it. Because sorcery and demonic summoning are such integral parts of the Faendryl culture, a large number of sorcerers and summoners hold positions in the Basilica as official researchers. Most government regulated arcane research takes place in underground levels of the Basilica. Many of these sorcerers are intended as additional protection for the Basilica as well, in addition to the research that they do. The highest ranking Basilican Sorcerer carries the additional rank of Archchancellor.