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Magic gloves, also known as Bazzelwyn gloves, were available at Ebon Gate 2012-2016 in Futile Gestures, and at the Ebon Gate Tides That Bind since 2017. They are scripted, magical gloves that can be unlocked with special messaging from the list below. The wearer can absorb the magic from a wave/raise activated imbed by clenching the gloves with the item in the right hand. The absorbed item will be destroyed if crumbly, or simply drained of all charges if not. Clench the gloves twice with nothing in hand to clear them of any magic before absorbing a new, different spell if needed. Verbose messaging (referenced below) only fires when the gloves contain magic and also when the verb makes sense for invocation; such that trying to RAISE when Stun Relief is loaded, the below messaging does not display because the player cannot invoke an unstun upon themselves.

Owners can have their gloves unlocked by Xerria or by Bazzelwyn or Frazzelwyn at Ebon Gate.


ANALYZE will tell you the unlocked status and which messages are set for WAVE and RAISE.

You analyze your scarlet gloves and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
* It is fully alterable.

These scarlet gloves are set to use fancy messaging for WAVE.  They're using the following set of messaging:
You dismissively flick your hand at YOUR TARGET with an air of indifference.

These scarlet gloves are set to use fancy messaging for RAISE.  They're using the following set of messaging:
You raise your hands high above your head, as your scarlet gloves are surrounded by a bright glow.

These scarlet gloves are unlocked.

You get no sense of whether or not the gloves may be further lightened.

Messaging Options

Spell Casting Glove choices! According to Bazzelwyn's sign, the following options are available:

WAVE Gestures
Number Description Messaging
1. Pointing with 1 finger
2. Pointing with 2 fingers
3. Pointing with 3 fingers
4. Pointing with the whole hand
5. Palm facing target, fingers splayed You splay your fingers wide, and extend your hand with your palm facing YOUR TARGET.
6. Palm facing target, fingers together Holding your fingers stiffly together, you extend a hand with your palm facing YOUR TARGET.
7. Punching motions You clench your hand into a fist, and make a punching motion at YOUR TARGET as a brilliant corona of blue light trails from your leather gloves.
8. Intricate gestures You make a series of intricate gestures at YOUR TARGET, your fingers dancing through the air.
9. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING, STAND BACK You wave your hands around wildly, gesturing at YOUR TARGET with erratic, exaggerated motions.
10. Dismissive gesture You dismissively flick your hand at YOUR TARGET with an air of indifference.
11. Snapping your fingers You snap your fingers at YOUR TARGET, and a pale green light surrounds your hand.
12. Clapping your hands together
13. Intricate pattern.
14. Hand over heart, pointing
15. Hand at temple, pointing
16. Sharp chopping motion You bring one hand sweeping downward in a sharp motion, your fingers pointing at YOUR TARGET.
17. Throwing motion
18. Blow a kiss You kiss the tips of your fingers, then blow across the palm of your gloves toward YOUR TARGET.
RAISE Gestures
Number Description Messaging
1. 1 hand raised You raise one hand high in the air, streamers of light following its upward path.
2. 2 hands raised You raise your hands high above your head, as your leather gloves are surrounded by a bright glow.
3. Claws! You curl your fingers until they resemble claws, and quickly bring your hand up in a sweeping gesture.
4. A different sharp gesture You lift a hand up, and then bring it down in a sharp gesture.
5. Index finger chop! You raise a hand, your index finger extended, and bring it down at a sharp angle across your body.

Additional Information

Ebon Gate 2012-2015

1. a pair of silvery samite gloves with golden satin fingertips
2. a pair of thin black silk gloves with copper mesh palms
3. a pair of gold-runed silk casting gloves
4. a pair of leather gloves with articulated iron-plated fingers
5. a pair of brown canvas gloves with grass-stained palms
6. a pair of boiled leather gauntlets with blue mithril knuckles
7. a pair of gold-studded leather gauntlets banded with crimson
8. a pair of golden imflass gauntlets set with ruby runes
9. a pair of mithril gauntlets with silver wire-wrapped fingers
10. a pair of black mithglin gauntlets swirled with blue streaks

Magic gloves Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Clothing
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Original Release Merchant Bazzelwyn
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate
Item Verbs