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Beela is a Dwarf Scholar who told a story about the Swimming Hole during the Wonders of Elanthia event. She acted as one of the officiators of the Kharam-Dzu 120th Anniversary Celebration on 5117 and also issued public invitations for donations of artifacts to the museum.


You see Beela the Curator.
She appears to be a Dwarf of the Borthuum Clan.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be young and robust.  She has copper-flecked warm brown eyes and lightly tanned skin.  She has layered, thick golden bronze hair piled atop her head in a mass of loose curls secured with a glaesine crystal hairpin.  She has a round face and a small nose.  She has a short curly blonde beard adorned with polished bronze beads.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a sheer dwarven headscarf patterned with dainty monkeyflowers, a tiny invar volcano pin, a hammered copper balloon-shaped pendant, a simple celadon cotton blouse buttoned with tiny bronze coins, a reinforced rust-colored leather carry-all, a long bias-cut copper mesh and taupe linen skirt, and some short cuffed sepia suede boots tooled with malachite leaves.