Bekke (prime)

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Affiliation(s) Ord an Dragan, House Arcane

Bekke, a Half-Elf Wizard, was announced as a candidate for Wehnimer's Landing Town Council on Leyan, the 9th day of Lumnea in the year 5121.


You see Magister Bekke Mournmoon the Emissary of the Hall of Mages.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is tall.  She appears to be youthful.  She has large amber-swirled pale eyes and light amber-tinted skin.  She has hip-length, bright amber-hued hair in an array of silky herringbone plaits bound at the base of her neck by a delicate gold wire ornament.  She has delicately arched brows that accentuate her finely-boned features.  She has a long and slender neck.  She is inked with a subtle pattern of interlocking rings upon her hands.
She has a faded and timeworn inked raven with greyed outlines on her thigh, an inked pile of rocks with a collection of limbs beneath them on her ankle, a rune tattoo on her arm, and a very small flame tattoo on her finger.
She is wearing a long narrow-waisted deep charcoal paeline jacket with silvery ermine-edged cuffs, a laen Kesh'ta'kai torc, a blooming flame-hued rose, some sheer moonlit silver robes with a chemise of pooling pale silk underneath, some burnished ivory tusk bracelets set with a misty blue snake-stone, a golden infertility bracelet, a trio of slender platinum-linked belts worn low on the hips, a pale leather case inked with a dark rook silhouette, a charcoal bourde bag, and some smoke-hued suede sandals propped on sharp patinaed heels.