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You see Lord Beldrin.
He appears to be a Human.
He is short and appears to be past his prime. He has deep-set dark celadon eyes and ivory skin. He has receding, peppered granite-hued hair. He has a plump face, a large nose and a thick peppered mustache and beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a fitted dark grey coat, a silver-tooled grey leather pack, some notched black leathers, a slender dagger sheath, a large coin pouch, some faded dark pants, and some steel-toed black leather boots.


Beldrin is the owner and operator of the Gambling Hall near the eastern side of Wehnimer's Landing. Rumors suggest he has possible connections to some shady elements in town. He has run a successful business for many decades, as his two sons and daughter have joined the family business. He is well known among locals, and merchants and often has shared his political views loudly and openly. He disliked Mayor Stennis because he shut down his bantam chicken fights, but he liked Mayor Walkar because of his rough edge and sharp tongue. He has expressed his support for the current leaders of Wehnimer's Landing, and he is often vocal about bringing more trade and business to Wehnimer's Landing, if nothing else because silvers earned are silvers gambled. Beldrin has said he is interested in becoming the next councilman because no one other candidate is more familiar with the merchants in town than he

In 5116, he was nominated and confirmed to the Town Council position of Steward of the Guilds by Mayor Puptilian.