Beyond the Arkati - 2012-12-14 - Chunk of Stone (log)

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On Feastday, the 14th of Lormesta, the final battle against Grishom Stone began! The town of Wehnimer's Landing had seen waves of demons, golems and fire elementals attack, each assault from the invaders pushed back every time. After much fighting to defend the town, Mayor Walkar and Councilman Juramis launched an attack on Erythro Island, accompanied by the heroes and defenders of Wehnimer's Landing!

While the attack on Erythro Island was underway, an onslaught of summoned minions still attacked Wehnimer's Landing, but many local citizens and heroes rose up to defend the town while the battle to end Grishom Stone raged far away. Reported by witnesses who participated in the invasion, the man known as Elithain Cross soon joined the attackers on the island and helped lead the way into the depths of Grishom's domain, destroying four of his powerful golem creations before he could activate them.

With the spiritual aid of many present, Elithain drew upon the heroes' energies to imbue it into a magical orb, which once they confronted Grishom in his ritual chamber, the light within the orb was able to be activated to temporarily weaken the summoner. Once Grishom was weakened by the heroes' spiritual assault, Elithain was able to use his scepter to turn Grishom into stone, preventing his ritual and severing the link with him and the island.

In a surprising turn of events, Elithain immobilized the heroes and finished Grishom's ritual, channeling the spirits of hundreds of women into a large chunk of urnon, successfully creating a golem with the dominate spirit of his daughter, Madelyne. With his two goals accomplished, the defeat of Grishom Stone and the claiming of the urnon golem, Elithain teleported away taking his new powerful servant with him.

Having been betrayed by Elithain, the heroes were left with little time to react. With the stone form of Grishom before them, the heroes destroyed the statue then located the heart of Erythro Island. Surviving against disease, blood golems and death maggots, the heroes finally destroyed the heart and quickly escaped as the island began to break apart and decay around them.

Returning to Wehnimer's Landing, the mayor collapsed from exhaustion and had no choice but to turn in for the night. Early this morning, Mayor Walkar reappeared outside of Moot Hall, looking healthier and addressing those present.

"Grishom Stone is dead! I have looked forward to nothing more than being able to utter those words! Our town has suffered for nearly two years from the manipulations and depravity of Grishom and his summoner allies. We have seen golems nearly topple our walls and trolls besiege our gates. We have seen our own people threaten to divide our town, blindly forgetting that this monster sacrificed many of our women and children. But through all of the darkness, we have survived. We have grown. We have become stronger because of it. Our citizens and heroes of this town have risen up to protect it, time and again. We have seen allies from other cities arrive to join our cause, to take up arms in our time of need. We have seen friendships formed in these trying times and they are bonds that no zealot or demon can break. I could not be more proud of our citizens and allies and I can never thank you all enough for your sacrifices. Together, all of us, helping in any way we could, we defeated our enemy once and for all! Most of all we have shown the world that Wehnimer's Landing is a force to be respected and feared."


At the end, Grishom Stone was transformed into a statue, and subsequently shattered. Here's what he looked like..

<Set in stone, the statue looks like a human male with rough and jagged edges. The human's figure is garbed in a flowing robe with one hand outstretched as if once clutching something dear. Despite its granite facade, a pair of deep sea blue eyes stare out from the statue, frozen in surprise.

When shattered, there were dozens of chunks of stone lying around, many folks took one. These stones have a loresong, which I thought I would share.

Your vision blurs, colors melting together before forming a new landscape entirely. A man with sea blue eyes stands proudly in a shadowy chamber, staring down into an obsidian-lined scrying pool. The inky black liquid inside the pool shimmers and soon reveals the image of a ship being tossed about in a storm as fire rains down from the sky, burning the vessel as people scream and leap for safety. The pool's image fades, and the blue-eyed man confidently smiles.

This is an image of Grishom Stone, as he watches the ship of the Chatelaine Chambeli tossed in a storm of his making. The ship wrecked, and though she survived, Chambeli was taken captive by the pirate Thanden. A rescue mission was mounted to save her from being sold into slavery, but by the time we were able to bargain for her, she had been driven out of her wits with fear and mistreatment at Thanden's hand. On the way back to Landing, she was assassinated by Thrayzar....

Your vision blurs, colors melting together before forming a new landscape entirely. A lone red orc lies on a slab of metal, his arms, legs, and neck bound with thick chains. A scarlet-haired woman stands above him, digging a rusty blade across his flesh as the creature clenches his jaw. From the shadows steps a robed figure with sea blue eyes, grinning wickedly as he approaches the orc's hand with a jagged knife. He removes a cloth from his robe and begins to cut, but the orc never winces.

Thrayzar had been captured as well, while Chambeli was gone. This is an image of his torture at Stone's hand. At this time, Thrayzar was ensorcelled to act as an assassin and strike down Chambeli.

Your vision blurs, colors melting together before forming a new landscape entirely. A stern-faced man, garbed in a Wehnimer's Militia uniform, enters a dark alleyway where shadows begin to dance along the walls. From the darkness, a red-robed figure steps out and produces a large pack. Taking the container, the militia man reaches inside and produces a small crimson glass orb etched with faint runes. The man bows in servitude as the robed figure steps back into the shadows.

This man should be well-remembered, Vaurus the terrorist. He was given the dangerous orbs that he used to wreak havoc in town over the course of a few weeks. Stone had these orbs made and shipped in via the docks.

Your vision blurs, colors melting together before forming a new landscape entirely. An aging man limps into an office, his eyes going wide to see an unconscious body lying on the floor. Revealed from the shadows, a sea blue-eyed man drives a waraxe into the older man's chest. With but a gesture, the blue-eyed man sends his victim hurling out of the office's window, glass shattering into thousands of pieces. The blue-eyed man leans down, drops the bloodied waraxe, and melts into the shadows.

The last vision, of another recent pawn in Stone's tales: Colson, the militiaman's father who wanted vengence. Stone framed Walkar for his death with this murder in the mayor's office, driving Walkar out of Landing, and allowing Barnom Slim to begin his reign of suspicion and accusations

Big grateful hugs to everyone that joined us on this long, crazy ride! And of course to Kenstrom and his cohorts!

~Diana, Seomanthe's (much less colorful) keeper


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