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Big Game Hunters/Wall hangings is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in Courtyard Furniture Emporium through the narrow carved oaken door in Courtyard East. It also sells floor coverings.

[Big Game Hunters]
The furs and hides from many rare and exotic creatures have been tanned and carefully turned into fine rugs. The rugs and skins are spread so thickly, it's hard to tell what kind of flooring lies beneath them. A few finer examples of craftsmanship are mounted on the walls as trophies. You also see a sly hunter.

Wall Hangings

West Room

      Price  Item
1.)   50000  a thin warcat pelt rug
2.)   50000  a fringed puma hide rug
3.)   50000  a thick bear skin rug
4.)   45000  a ragged cave troll hide
5.)   45000  a mounted tanned puma hide
6.)   50000  a furry red bear hide rug
7.)   50000  a bristly boar skin rug
8.)   50000  a soft caribou hide mat
9.)   45000  a colorful mounted snowcat hide
10.)  50000  a plush leopard skin rug

East Room

      Price  Item
1.)   45000  a wicked minotaur head
2.)   40000  a thick leopard skin rug
3.)   45000  a glaring cockatrice head
4.)   40000  a cockatrice feather rug
5.)   45000  a polished arat horn
6.)   40000  a fluffy polar bear rug
7.)   45000  a one-eyed hill troll head
8.)   45000  a large roa'ter head
9.)   45000  an open jawed polar bear head