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A few updates are now live with the special kind of black ora jewelry (the kind you can't remove once worn). There are two versions now, uncommon and rare. Everyone who has one currently has a rare version. The rare version has 4 new verbs, one being a little more special and can only be used once a week (if you can figure it out). The uncommon version doesn't have the mana dump or spirit drain abilities. The mana dump and spirit drain are now a little more random, and the spirit drain will no longer drain a spirit if you were just resurrected with only one spirit (but it will drain your last spirit if you find yourself with one spirit via other means).

All versions have a mood/idle message now that can occur every 30 to 60 minutes. You can PROD the the jewelry item to toggle that on and off and you can see the status via LOOK. The submenu via StormFront's point and click now has a "black ora" submenu (the special verb is excluded from this menu). You can also have special merchants work on them (to alter them), but it will remain a very rare service. Unlocking services won't be a service that will be offered, so choose wisely before wearing one. There will also be some new worn locations released in the future (and possibly some armor accessories). They still can't be removed in any way once worn. But all pieces are now considered fluff and not functional, because...

RP choices > Mechanic choices

To update the worn location, just use one of the verb traps that gives special messaging and it will automagically correct itself.