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Bleakstone is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.


History and Description:

In 5117, a magical catastrophe turned the entire land and barony of Talador into a wasteland now known as the Bleaklands. It is a land of ashen earth and slate-hued skies, where magic ebbs and flows, the climate ranges from hot and cold, and a variety of strange new abominations have festered where once civilization stood. The land is often compared to the Wizardwaste, as yet another blight upon the lands of Elanthia and shrouded in mysteries and dangers. But the devastation to the land has not stopped brave adventurers and travelers from embarking into the depths of the Bleaklands to witness whatever they may. It is because of this that a new stone has been identified and brought back from a handful of expeditions. The gem is called Bleakstone. It was first discovered in narrow fissures within the Bleaklands, occasionally found embedded in the blackened walls of underground caverns. The stone is primarily black, like polished slate, and it is covered in dark golden splotches that resemble gilt-hued ink blots. The gemstone's origin remains a mystery, save for the fact it did not surface until the devastation of Talador. There is no known magical properties to the stone.

Material rarity and restrictions:

This material should be considered rare, with only specific merchants being able to work with it.