Blessing and eblading arrows (guide)

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Tsoran posted a great how-to on getting bundles of arrows blessed and how they work (8/3/2006):

How does eblading and blessing work on arrows. lets say I have 50 arrows. to make it easier I bless\e-blade at 100 swings. If casted at the whole bundle is that 2 per or 100 per?. what if I break it down to bundles of ten , cast and rebundle.

Good question. It's important to know how it works.

It's 'per bundle' when you bless the bundle. So, the bundle of 50 arrows has a total of 100 swings of blesses on it.

When you remove an arrow from the bundle, TWO blesses go with the arrow, and 98 stay with the bundle of 49. Why two? Because, after you fire the arrow, one bless gets used up, leaving the arrow with one more bless. This is required if you want to put the fired arrow back in your bunde, since you can't bundle blessed and un-blessed arrows together. (It'a ALWAYS two blesses that go with the single arrow. The fact that your example had 100 blesses and 50 arrows is coincidence. If it's 900 blesses and 5 arrows, you still get 2 blesses when you remove an arrow.)

Therefore, you must re-bundle your arrow after firing it. If you fire it a second time, you can't put it back in the bundle, since that will use up the second charge and unbless the arrow.

When you rebundle the fired arrow with the rest of the bundle, the bless or blesses on the arrow get added back into the blesses in the bundle.

Helpful tip: Want a bundle with more than 100 blesses? Do this:

  1. Take 9 of the 50 arrows out before blessing the bundle.
  2. Bless the bundle of 41, giving it 100 blesses.
  3. Bless 1 of the 9 arrows you removed, giving the single arrow 100 blesses.
  4. Bundle the single arrow with the first 42, giving you a new bundle of 43 which has 200 blesses.
  5. Keep blessing the single arrows and adding them to the bundle until you've brought the total number of blesses up to 999. 999 is the most you can have.

E-blading works the same way as blessing does.