Blue Rider

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The Comet Sighted (1/15/2003)
Also amid the twinkling lights is a comet, burning with a noticeable intensity as it travels the endless expanse. A wavering tail of cerulean blue trails behind it, resembling a massive serpent gliding through the black pool of night.

The Blue Rider Returns (1/20/2003)
The Observatory in Ta'Illistim has noted the arrival of an interesting astronomical phenomenon -- the Blue Rider, a large blue comet which returns to the northern sky once every 1,047 years. Over the next three months, the Blue Rider will continue to brighten as it travels slowly from north to south across the heavens. Amateur astronomers are invited to visit the Observatory in order to inspect the comet more closely.

The Blue Rider Dims (7/23/2003)
The night sky brightens noticeably as the comet suddenly flares, the cerulean-blue streak intensifying as its color shifts momentarily to pink. As the comet's color returns to cerulean, its light is visibly dimmer.

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