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Like the Eostone, the Bluerock is a vibrant blue stone found only in Zul Logoth.

Powdered bright bluerock is sold at the wizard and sorcerer guilds in Zul Logoth and is used in the making of some glowing prismatic oil, a potion containing the spell Elemental Blade (411).

List of Bluerocks

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.
Average value: 1150
Location: Zul Logoth

some bright bluerock

Description:   With its vitreous luster, the bright blue coloration of the transparent bluerock rivals that of any sapphire. The peculiar nature of the bluerock causes it to look as black as night from one side, display a violet blue tone from another side, and appear silvery white from the top.