Breaking weapon bonds (guide)

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Posted by GM Emeradan 2 December 2007

A couple of things from both Mestys and Coase about bonded weapons, posted sometime around 10/5/07:

As was mentioned, 1625 must be CHANNELed at the weapon in order to break the bond.

"Should the Paladin decide to bond to another weapon, they may CHANNEL Sanctify at their bonded weapon to break their current bond and then repeat the bonding ritual with another weapon. The CHANNEL step is optional, but failure to sever the old link will render the formerly bonded weapon unusable by anyone, should it never touch its former master's hands again."


>Yes. That's actually the way it has to be done. You shouldn't bond to a new weapon before breaking the bond with the old one, or the old one becomes pretty useless. Essentially, you can only break your most recent bond. The steps would be: break current bond, bond with old weapon, break bond on old weapon, rebond with new weapon. - M

>Alternatively, find a warrior to bond to the old weapon and have them break the bond. - M

The bond will also dissolve if the formerly bonded person simply swings their old bonded weapon at creature. ;)


Basically, you shouldn't need to assist or anything if you can find a paladin or a warrior willing to bond to the weapon and then break the bond. Hope it helps.

GM Emeradan