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Sir Brinn Mithrandir

Brinn says, "This is my story. It's not exciting, or even particularly interesting, but it is who I am. I grew up in the plains north of Talador and south of Icemule Trace, though I knew nothing of either of those places when I grew up. My parents were simple pepople, living off the lands, doing some farming and mostly hunting and gathering foods and supplies from the nearby lands.

We traveled several times to new homes, but never really far. I always wanted to travel further, but my parents told me it was too dangerous, and that I'd lose myself in foreign lands. So we never did. My father taught me to use simple farm implements, that I always imagined turning into weapons to go out and fight with. When I became of age, I was determined to set out on my own. My parents asked me to stay, but when I refused, they gave me their blessing, and sent me on my way.

I hunted the fields, learned the spear and the staf, very very crudely. I was strong, bt not skilled. I managed to live, but only just. I traveled like this for the better part of a year. After that year, I returned to my homelands to see my parents. When I returned, they were both dead in our home, frozen to death. There was no fire, and I had no way of knowing how long they had been dead. I didn't see any weapons marks on them, and there was no sign of a battle. To this day, I have no idea what happened. Very strange, though.

I buried them, and set out to the south to seek my fortune as far from those plains as I could get. I wandered for a long time, living off the lands as my parents had taught me, when I came upon the Landing. I had never concieved of such a place, though I had been told of cities and towns before. It was a new and wonderous experience. The Landing was much smaller then, and the people were much brighter and friendlier. Lady Elke amd Lord Lomir took me under their wings and trained me in the use of Heavy Hide ( for those of you who remember that) and the two handed sword.

I hunted all sorts of beasts with relative ease, but started having trouble with some of the larger creatures I had to fight, those that used armors and weapons. Orcs, kobolds, yes. I was very very young, mind you. I remember becoming lost in Danjirland and nearly getting killed by Ice Skeletons only to be saved by one of my benefactors, Lord Lomir. This was when I met my first arms trainer. Lord Sagan. Sagan taught me to take my opponents down much quicker than I thought possible. He taught me the ways of the claidhmore, and of stalking and ambushing. I became an effective killer. However, there was always something missing.

I grew older, a bit anyway. I met Lady Wanton, and many of you in this room along the way. Cemb, I remember from those days very well. Gilwen hunted Greater Orcs with me. Wanton and I hunted the Krolvin Village. But anyway.....I joined House Paupers and met Wanton there. I had many happy days there. The hot tub was a ton of fun, and the people I met there were good friends.

One day, Lord Berr approached me about joining House Arcane. I had hunted with many of the people fro that House before, and thought it a great honor to be considered. It was a very hard decision, because my frineds at Paupers would be missed sorely. But I chose to accept. This was where my life started to change. Slowly at first, but then drastically. I met with Berr very infrequently, but one of the times I met him, he was with a man named Maldon. Maldon was interested in starting this Order. I was very interested and joined right in. It seems this was what was missing. In all my days of fighting and killing, I had never considered the honorable approach of combat, the ways of Chivalry. It filled a gap within me. I changed how I met with others, how I viewed them. How I talked with them. It changed how I felt about myself. I changed the way I hunted. The way I carried myself. And here I am today, still trying to become that ideal. I know I will never be there, but I also know I can get closer. So, no giant demons birthed me on an altar....I wasn't conceived of gods... nothing spectacular. But it's my story, and I thank you for the time to relate it to you.