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a striped olive green tent, [Map Room 36], Lich# 26493, go olive tent

Mantle of the Elapid

[Mantle of the Elapid - 29312 - ( 8081653 )]
Plain and spartan, the lofty tent is fashioned of yellow-striped, olive green wool and supported by thick ironwood poles. Overlapping yierka hair rugs, each woven with hypnotic patterns, cover the western side where a simple sleeping pallet rests, while the east has fine, black sand surrounding a large copper-bowled brazier. Opposite the entry flaps, a bejeweled oak chest offers a smattering of items for sale. You also see a Priestess Lucinne.
Obvious exits: out
>look at Priestess Lucinne
You see Priestess Lucinne.
She appears to be a Half-Elf of the Tehir tribes.
She is average height and has a curvy, yet lithe, body.  She appears to be very young.  She has long-lashed amber eyes and nut brown skin.  She has very long, coiled, dark brown hair woven in a plethora of narrow, frayed braids.  She has a round face and a somewhat flat, flare-nostriled nose.
She has a series of overlapping greyish white scales tattooed upon the left side of her face, a scaly green and grey sleeve tattoo inked on her right arm, and a pair of matching sanguine-hued tattoos darkens her feet.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a hexagon-patterned silk headscarf, a cross-body weapon harness with an iron pilum in its straps, a mustard yellow chest-wrap fringed with oblong ivory beads, a bronze shield, a series of carved bone bangles, a heavy and wide girdle of green armor scales, a short and narrow belt sheath, and some mustard yellow linen serwals with embroidered ankle cuffs.

>ask Lucinne about dark
You ask Lucinne about the dark.

Remaining expressionless, Lucinne says, "What is the dark if not a reprieve from the blinding light?"

>ask Lucinne about caligos
You ask Lucinne about Caligos.

Glancing about, Lucinne says, "I will be pleased to leave this sickened land."

>ask Lucinne about ghezresh
You ask Lucinne about Ghezresh.

Narrowing her eyes, Lucinne says, "He is no more than an evil spirit that is unable to sleep.  Even the Winter Witch will not take one such as he."

>ask Lucinne about gosaena
You ask Lucinne about Gosaena

Lowering her voice, Lucinne says, "Death that comes in silence is to be respected."

>ask Lucinne about lies
You ask Lucinne about the lies.

Arching one brow, Lucinne says, "Lies?  In the desert, we learn that the only truth is your own.  What you call a lie may only be someone else's truth."

>ask Lucinne about lorminstra
You ask Lucinne about Lorminstra.

Stifling a scoff, Lucinne matter-of-factly states, "I have seen the cold season of the north.  Let those that choose the barrenness of ice go to the Winter Witch."

>ask Lucinne about luukos
You ask Lucinne about Luukos.

Murmuring a soft prayer, Lucinne touches the tips of her fingers to her forehead, followed by her lips, throat, and heart.

>ask Lucinne about species
You ask Lucinne about the species.

Lacing her fingers together before her, Priestess Lucinne says, "There are some few ghost still bound to the false one.  Should you present me with a bauble, I can return to you species that can be used to pull them from him."

>ask Lucinne about villagers
You ask Lucinne about the villagers.

Casually rolling her shoulders, Lucinne says, "Those who do not walk in the sun are destined to be cold in the shade."

In the bejeweled oak chest you see: a reflective copper half-mask etched with tiny scales, a curved vultite dagger with a black-mantled elapid hilt, a cord-strung sandstone amulet carved with entwined elapids, a jewel-throated slender sheath of black suede, a black-fringed mustard yellow headscarf and a polished copper sleeve of teardrop scales.

a reflective copper half-mask etched with tiny scales Weight: <1 pound pin-worn
analyze, examine
The mask can be altered with a long or a show, but long descriptions must be kept short. The noun should not change from "mask," as it covers the entire face.

PUT - places a gem in the eye socket of the mask

KNOCK - removes a gem from the eye socket of the mask
TILT - tilts the mask to reveal the opposite eye socket
A reflective copper half-mask etched with tiny scales is currently oriented to the left. Both of its eye sockets are empty.

a curved vultite dagger with a black-mantled elapid hilt Weight: <1 pound
Enchant: +20
You analyze the vultite dagger and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Harsh and abrasive, a whisper at your ear entices you with its words, and as it does, you realize that the source is the vultite dagger in your hand. "If you are to know my power, then you must seek out the path of Lornon. Only then will you truly know what it is to serve and survive."

You realize that due to your CONVERT status that you will never be able to fully utilize this vultite dagger.

a cord-strung sandstone amulet carved with entwined elapids Weight: <1 pound neck-worn 5,000
a jewel-throated slender sheath of black suede Weight: 2 pounds
Pocketed: Very small (<2-4)
one item of very small size
a black-fringed mustard yellow headscarf Weight: <1 pound head-worn 5,000
a polished copper sleeve of teardrop scales Weight: <1 pound arm-worn 25,000

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