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a large wooden wagon decorated with garlands of wildflowers, [Map Room 23], Lich #26440, go wagon

[Weave and Wear] RNUM: 26441
Lining one wall of the spacious wagon is a narrow table covered with vases of various shapes and sizes all filled with bright flowers. Bunches of blossoms peek from inside baskets hanging from the rafters, their rich colors creating a brilliant canopy. Standing to one side of a small painted door is a large wooden crate overflowing with a wide variety of gardening tools.
Obvious exits: out


In the large wooden crate you see:

a slender steel awl with a carved ash handle 25000
a pair of small steel snips with a leather-wrapped handle
a wide dark leather belt Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items of very small size
a pair of narrow steel scissors with cotton-wrapped finger holes
a small steel-tipped lathe with an ash handle
a pair of steel shears etched with a vine pattern

In the woven reed basket you see:

a cluster of blue ginger blossom 1000
a deep red ginger blossom
a small cream ginger flower

In the narrow wooden basket you see:

a cone of ice blue calathea 1000
a cluster of tangerine heliconia
a bunch of alabaster plumeria

In the hanging straw basket you see:

a star-throated milky moonflower 1000
a blossoming crimson passionflower
a small creamy night jasmine

In the wide stone vase you see:

a small pale yellow bitter gourd 1000
a ruby-centered citrine blanket flower
a cluster of bleeding heartwine

In the narrow glaes vase you see:

a spherical pale pink blood lily 1000
a cluster of blue dawn flowers
a group of tubular blue jacaranda

In the large crystal vase you see:

a small pale pink lotus blossom 1000
a tiny blue lotus blossom
a soft coral-hued orchid

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the small painted door.