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a large wooden wagon decorated with garlands of wildflowers, [Map Room 23], Lich #26440, go wagon

WW Entry

[Weave and Wear] RNUM: 27366
Lining one wall of the spacious wagon is a narrow table covered with vases of various shapes and sizes all filled with bright flowers. Bunches of blossoms peek from inside baskets hanging from the rafters, their rich colors creating a brilliant canopy. Standing to one side of a small painted door is a large wooden crate overflowing with a wide variety of gardening tools.
Obvious exits: out


In the large wooden crate you see:

a slender steel awl with a spiraled hoarbeam handle converts feathers to weaving system 25000
a small steel-tipped lathe with a hoarbeam handle converts gems to weaving system (makes beads)
a pair of small steel snips with a suede-wrapped handle
a pair of narrow steel scissors etched with a blooming rose
a pair of steel shears wrapped with leather
an etched azure leather belt Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items of very small size

All weaving materials are 1000 silvers

In the woven reed basket you see:
a cluster of azure ginger blossom
a bright fuschia ginger blossom
a beautiful coral blanket flower
In the narrow wooden basket you see:
a cone of ice blue calathea
a puffed scarlet blood lily
a small blue passionflower
In the hanging straw basket you see:
a star-throated alabaster moonflower
a blooming azure passionflower
a small creamy night jasmine
In the wide stone vase you see:
a cluster of pale blush clivia
a dark periwinkle hibiscus
a cluster of bleeding heartvine
In the narrow glaes vase you see:
a bright red angel wing begonia
a cluster of blue dawn flowers
a rounded tangerine protea
In the large crystal vase you see:
a small golden lotus blossom
a tiny peach lotus blossom
a soft coral-hued orchid

WW Door

[Weave and Wear] RNUM: 26444
Filtering through the skylight above, beams of pale light illuminate the small area inside the wagon. Draped over the rafter above, bundles of colorful feathers swing to and fro. Some shelves hang above a narrow wooden table, its surface covered with bits of leaves and flower petals. Strands of ivy climb down a small painted door from a narrow box tacked to its surface.

All weaving materials are 1000 silvers

On the narrow shelf you see:

a narrow faenor wire
a twisted bronze wire
a braided vaalin wire
a thick vaalorn wire
a thin mithglin wire
a fine silver wire
a narrow azure lace ribbon
a length of twisted doeskin
a thin strip of ebon velvet
a wide alabaster satin ribbon
On the wide shelf you see:
a thick vaalorn link
a wide faenor link
a twisted vaalin link
a thin silver link
a small striped wenge bead
a oblong leopardwood bead
a polished lacewood bead
a small green amber damselfly
a tiny blue jade butterfly
a petite cloud opal starfly

On the rafter you see:

an azure macaw feather
a creamy cockatoo feather
a grey eagle-owl feather
a jade parakeet feather
a white albatross feather
a red bee eater feather

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the archway.