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The CONVERT verb allows a player to align a character to one of the Arkati or Greater Spirits in Elanthia.


Originally rolled in when the Cleric Base spells Repel Undead 1-3 were combined into the single spell Smite (302), the verb was used to determine if a cleric would receive Smite (which was mostly effective on the Undead) or Bane, which was more effective on the living. It was also factored into the cost of the spell, making it more costly for those not CONVERTed to one of the "Major" Arkati.

Since being introduced, the selection of deity has seen a dramatic increase in implementation. Many cleric and paladin spells have different appearance and/or effect based upon the patron of the character. Certain items, such as the Ravias and Brother Weatherby holy symbols have special zests usable only by those that follow certain gods. Additionally, it has been stated that tools exist to restrict entrance to rooms, offer better prices at merchants, and tailor a slew of other things to a character's conversion.


Merely typing CONVERT while in game will bring up the usage list. To convert to a deity requires use of a numerical code, drawn from the following table (also available via CONVERT LIST):

(Major Arkati/Spirit)                      || Lesser Spirit/Arkati
1) Koar                                       31) Niima
2) Lumnis                                     32) Aeia
3) Ronan                                      33) Leya
4) Lorminstra                                 34) Tilamaire
5) Imaera                                     35) Laethe
6) Phoen                                      36) Voaris
7) Kai                                        37) Kuon
8) Oleani                                     38) Jaston
9) Jastev                                     39) Voln
10) Eonak
11) Cholen
12) Zelia
13) Fash'lo'nae
14) Tonis
(Major Arkati/Spirit)                      || Lesser Spirit/Arkati
50) Eorgina                                   71) Arachne
51) Sheru                                     72) The Huntress
52) Luukos                                    73) Amasalen
53) V'tull                                    74) Onar
54) Mularos                                   75) Ghezresh
55) Ivas
56) Marlu 
57) Andelas
58) Gosaena
59) Charl

999) Other
Syntax - convert set (number) [confirm]

Typing CONVERT SET ## without CONFIRM provides a means to check oneself. CONFIRMing it will set your deity, if the character in question has CONVERTs remaining.

Each character begins the game with the ability to CONVERT to their chosen deity. Prior to the release of Intercession, two conversions were available. The option for converting was removed if a deity was already chosen at that time. Forsaking the current god via CONVERT FORSAKE and an Intercession will allow for the choosing of a different deity.


The following spells and abilities are affected by CONVERT status.


  • Clerics and paladins have access to special titles depending on alignment and training.
  • Cleric/Paladin titles (from the "Profession" group only) can take a deity name after them, for example "Archpriest of Lorminstra".


  • CHANT messaging for a cleric or paladin.

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