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The Arkati are the Gods of Elanthia.

Legends tell of a First Age of Elanthia, over a hundred thousand years ago, when dragons ruled the world. The Arkati were servants of the dragons, residing on the two moons Liabo and Lornon. They were known to take humanoid forms and protect the lesser races from their masters' wrath.

The rule of dragonkind was broken in the Ur-Daemon War. In the aftermath, the Arkati rose to become the primary powers of the world. Factions formed out of the conflicts between them. The Arkati of Liabo became known as the Gods of Light, for their role as caretakers of Elanthia and the mortal races. Those of Lornon became the Gods of Darkness, concerned more with their own power and pursuits. The two factions have never come into open war, but throughout the ages there have always been smaller battles.

Across the history of Elanthia, many other beings have been worshipped as gods as well. Some are still Arkati, though not of the two main pantheons. Others are local spirits, or even mortals who have achieved godhood by various means.

Divine Magic

Spiritualism, also known as spiritual magic, is the magic that gods grant to their followers. It is one of the three acknowledged spheres of magic, along with elementalism and mentalism. Of the adventurer professions, Clerics, Paladins, and Rangers employ spiritual magic, while Empaths and Sorcerers draw upon it partially. Several other professions have access to a Minor Spiritual circle of spells.

In archaic lore, the spiritual spellcaster "channels" the power of their god. For lesser feats this may be done without a god's direct attention, but nevertheless the magic comes solely from the divine source and the spiritualist would not have any power without it. Moreover, such magic is only effective within a sphere of emanation corresponding to the god's influence. The influence of the major pantheons extends over the entire world, while a weaker divine spirit would only be able to affect a small region.

These limits are not explicitly stated in current lore, but neither has it been contradicted. Some scholars, particularly among the Faendryl elves, have argued that spiritual magic can be worked without the gods at all, though this is not widely believed and others consider this to be either trickery or evidence of more insidious influences among the dark elves.

Worship and Theology

Ancient elves in the age of dragonkind worshipped the Arkati as gods and protectors. Some time after the Ur-Daemon War, many elves came to follow the teachings of the shaman Yadzari, who argued that the Arkati were not truly gods, but powerful yet still mortal beings who bore responsibility for opening the veil to the Ur-Daemons. The corpse of a dead Arkati was purportedly discovered by Amas, who disposed of it before the evidence could be widely seen. Elves of the modern era mainly view Arkati as patrons and exemplars and build temples to honor them, but few worship the gods as they once did, save for the sylvankind.

Legends tell of other Arkati who are thought to be dead: Maigra, Tarandel, L'Naere.

In the human Turamzzyrian Empire, worship centers around the Church of Koar, and the elven view of the Arkati is considered a dangerous heresy.

Game Mechanics

Main article: CONVERT (verb)

Player characters can align with one of the gods using the CONVERT command.

For most adventurers, this is a one-time choice. While it is possible to convert to a different god later through Intercession, the process is difficult and potentially very expensive.

Clerics and Paladins, as primary users of spiritual magic, receive additional benefits from conversion, and the choice affects the type of critical damage dealt by their spells.

Sortable List of Elanthian Deities

Name Class Pantheon Domain(s) Symbol(s) Smite/
Charl Arkati Liabo sea, storms an emerald trident on a field of blue Bane Electrical
Cholen Arkati Liabo humor, festivals, performing arts a crimson lute on a field of gold Smite Puncture
Eonak Arkati Liabo labor, craftsmanship, triumph over adversity a golden anvil on a field of brown Smite Disruption
Imaera Arkati Liabo healing, autumn, nature,
plants, animals, harvest
a golden sheaf of grain on a field of green (farmers)
a brown doe on a field of green (Sylvans)
Smite Puncture
Jastev Arkati Liabo visual art, prophecy, poetry a black artist’s brush on a field of grey
a silver crystal ball on a field of grey
Smite Steam
Kai Arkati Liabo strength, athletic prowess, skill at arms a silver arm with fist clenched on a field of crimson Smite Crush
Koar Arkati Liabo justice, loyalty, law, mana, rulership a golden crown (usually on a field of white) Smite Electrical
Lorminstra Arkati Liabo death and rebirth, deliverance, winter a golden key (usually on a field of black) Smite Plasma
Lumnis Arkati Liabo wisdom, knowledge, magic a golden scroll overlaying five conjoined circles Smite Acid
Oleani Arkati Liabo love, spring, fertility, halflings a red heart with a budding flower growing from it Smite Fire
Phoen Arkati Liabo sun, summer, fatherhood a golden sunburst on a field of blue Smite Fire
Ronan Arkati Liabo night, dreams a black sword with a silver edge on a field of black Smite Fire
Tonis Arkati Liabo speed, travel, thieves a golden pegasus on a field of blue Smite Air
Gosaena Arkati neutral death a silver or grey sickle on a field of green Bane Cold
Zelia Arkati neutral moons, insanity a silver crescent moon on a field of black Smite each cast
is random
Andelas Arkati Lornon felines, hunting a black cat's head on a field of red Bane Slash
Eorgina Arkati Lornon domination, darkness, tyranny red, stylized flames on a field of grey Bane Fire
Fash'lo'nae Arkati Lornon magic, libraries, forbidden knowledge a yellow, slit-pupiled eye on a field of grey Smite Slash
Ivas Arkati Lornon desire, lust, passion a stylized, green wisp of smoke on a field of red Bane Grapple
Luukos Arkati Lornon lies, undeath, death a green serpent on a field of brown Bane Puncture
Marlu Arkati Lornon demonic summoning, destruction, power a star of six black tentacles on a field of grey Bane Acid
Mularos Arkati Lornon suffering, torture a dagger-pierced heart on a field of white Bane Slash
Sheru Arkati Lornon night, nightmares, insanity, terror a black jackal's head on a field of gold
(and sometimes crimson)
Bane Crush
V'tull Arkati Lornon bloodlust, combat a black scimitar on a field of red Bane Slash
Aeia spirit neutral earth, gardens, River's Rest a white lily on a field of green Smite Acid
Amasalen spirit Lornon sacrifice a two-headed purple serpent
wrapped around a crimson hand
Bane Slash
Arachne spirit neutral spiders, betrayal a black widow on a field of red Bane Unbalance
Ghezresh spirit neutral deceit, intimidation, manipulation a chelioboros (an eel devouring itself) Bane Disintegration
The Huntress spirit neutral vengeance, hunting an eight-pointed silver star on a field of black Bane Slash
Jaston spirit Liabo air, birds, the four winds a white feather on a field of green and white Smite Vacuum
Kuon spirit Liabo herbs, flowers a gold leaf on a field of brown Smite Crush
Laethe spirit Liabo lost love, young love a black rose on a field of purple Smite Fire
Leya spirit Liabo amazons, martial arts an ivory-hilted dagger on a field of blue Smite Puncture
Niima spirit Liabo water, sailors, sea life a dolphin on a field of blue Smite Impact
Onar spirit Lornon homicide, assassination a broken white skull on a field of black Bane Puncture
Tilamaire spirit Liabo music, dance a yellow note on a field of blue Smite Disruption
Voaris spirit Liabo forbidden love, young love a yellow rose on a field of red Smite Fire
Voln spirit Liabo destruction of undead a white shield on a field of black Smite Fire
Meyno spirit stone giant
none none n/a1 n/a1
Khaarne spirit stone giant
none none n/a1 n/a1
Illoke spirit stone giant
none none n/a1 n/a1
  1. The deities of the stone giants are included here for completeness only. Player characters cannot worship Meyno, Khaarne, or Illoke through the deity system.


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