COVER (verb)

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COVER is a roleplaying verb.


>cover help
Usage: COVER <target>


Cover person:

You move to stand in front of Person.

Person stands in front of you.

Cover my head:

You duck slightly and cover your head with your arms.

Person ducks slightly and covers her head with her arms.

Cover my eyes:

You cover your eyes with your hands, peeking through your fingers.

Person covers her eyes with her hands.

Cover my mouth:

You clasp a hand over your mouth.

Person clasps her hand over her mouth.

Cover my nose:

You cover your nose tightly.  Phew!

Person covers her nose tightly.

Cover my ears:

You cover your ears.

Person covers her ears.

Cover my heart:

You place a hand over your heart.

Person places a hand over her heart.

Cover item on ground:

You do your best to conceal a wooden arrow.

Person seems to be trying to conceal a wooden arrow from view.

Cover item worn:

You place your hand on your draping mantle.

Person places her hand on her draping mantle.

Cover my nose:

You cover your nose tightly.  Phew!

XXX covers her nose tightly.