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Type Roleplaying

To COVER is to hide from sight or knowledge.


Note: Displays with COVER or COVER HELP.

Usage: COVER <target>


First Third
Head You duck slightly and cover your head with your arms. Person ducks slightly and covers her head with her arms.
Eyes You cover your eyes with your hands, peeking through your fingers. Person covers her eyes with her hands.
Mouth You clasp a hand over your mouth. Person clasps her hand over her mouth.
Nose You cover your nose tightly. Phew! Person covers her nose tightly.
Ears You cover your ears. Person covers her ears.
Heart You place a hand over your heart. Person places a hand over her heart.
Person You move to stand in front of Person. Person stands in front of you.
Object on Ground You do your best to conceal <item>. Person seems to be trying to conceal <item> from view.
Worn Object You place your hand on your draping mantle. Person places her hand on her draping mantle.

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