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In 5119, Adventurers arrived on Caligos Isle to discover that citizens had been mysteriously disappearing for the better part of the previous year.

Will you help solve the mysteries going on at Caligos?

Name Date Missing Last Seen Status
Aereda Wavecrester 4th day of Leyann, 5119 collecting shells on the beach Dead, Buried (grave in 28510)
Amphion 12th of Eorgaen, 5118 heading to his boat
Casophin Charlatos the 12th, 5119 wandering the tidepools Dead, buried
Esquelette the Botanist 3rd of Phoenatos, 5119 heading into the wilds beyond Junder's Peak Dead
Irithiel 30th day of Imaerasta, 5119 near the docks outside the Damsel of the Deep Dead, buried (grave in 28507)
Jovee Charlatos 13th, 5119 on the docks Dead, buried (grave in 28510)
Kuornos Jastatos 1, 5119 Dead, buried (grave in 28507)
Laemont 4th day of Phoenatos, 5119 pacing around The High Plateau Dead
Laerlynn 15th of Phoenatos, 5119 at the Whip and Wight Inn Dead, buried
Langa 28th day of Imaerasta, 5119 carrying a bucket of lobsters along the pier Dead, buried (first?) (grave in 28510)
Malackeye Bluejacket 16th of Eoantos, 5118 near Junder's Peak Dead, buried (grave in 28508)
Maudie 15th of Eoantos, 5119 outside The Wrong Turn Tavern Dead, buried
Mylezabeth Second of Imaerasta, 5119 on the beach, looking for shells
Ruly Cholen's Eve near the Pawnshop
Wilfreda the Accountant, sister to Trelynne 9th day of Olaesta, 5119 at the bank, contesting a fine on her account Dead, buried (grave in 28510)
Yixix 23rd day of Phoenatos, 5119 Black Sands Dead, buried (grave in 28507)
Zildywen Fillian 3rd of Koaratos, 5119 at Siren's Call Dead, buried (grave in 28507)
Zilgesmi 8th of Lumnea, 5119 making deliveries on the eastern slope Dead, buried (grave in 28510)